Ah, Sydney, you have so many new, dreamy locations for me to shoot! The Central Coast was pretty limiting when it came to inspiring spots.

YOu’ll have seen me wear this leather jackets for at least two seasons now – there is just something about it I can’t get enough of. I still receive compliments on it and people still ask me where it’s from. I change up what I wear with it to make it fresh again.  Just like any good staple the style never goes out of date.

Today I was racing around to showings and a few meetings! It only took me 7 minutes into the city as opposed to an hour and a half – what I have been doing the last two years so it was a really nice change and made it a lot easier / less tiring.

I went pretty casual as I knew I had a lot of walking to do and sometime I just like going a little bit laid back, a little bit street. Plaid, denim and leather are always a good idea.

Loving my new Superdry pieces I picked up just before the move!

I currently don’t have internet, so this blog post and the rest for the next ten days are going to probably cost a gagillion dollars to produce, as it turns out, tethering life ain’t all that fun.

Tomorrow I am going to explore our new area some more with JD and then Thursday we’re off to Google HQ which I am so excited for and Friday I am in Melbourne, so to say this week is busy is an understatement.


Superdry jeans, Superdry Plaid Shirt, Superdry Shoes, Alice In The Eve leather jacket







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2 thoughts on “Tuesday: What I Wore”

  1. That jacket realllly is gorgeous, no wonder it’s still in your wardrobe! Congrats on your move! I miss Sydney, but I am loving living in Melbourne now!

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