As far as the Spring / Summer 2014 fashion trends go this is the one I will be focusing on.


Between Jonathan and I we have an extensive sneaker collection – however we are nowhere near having a collection that a sneakerhead would boast.

You may have noticed that the distinction between fashion sneakers and athletic shoes have been blurred, we are constantly favoring style over function. Images of the simple yet elegant Roshe Run by Nike and the classic 534 by New Balance are hard to escape on fashion websites – we are well and truly in the midst of a sneaker revolution.

In recent months sneakers have transitioned into being my primary footwear of choice – I avowedly wear jeans and sneakers every other day. The boundaries of acceptability have changed dramatically , so now I can get away with wearing them to meetings or to an event at night. You may call it normcore or borderline hipster, I call it comfortable.

There used to be few places you could get away with wearing sneakers with jeans or dresses – I used to have endless arguments with my parents in the late 90’s-early 2000’s about pairing my blue jeans back with sneakers. Boy is my face red now. Don’t tell my mum, but I am so glad the so-called “fashion rules” were broken. Bill Cunningham recently documented the sneaker scene in NY, Paris, London and Milan, if you haven’t already seen On The Right Foot, do yourself a favour this Monday and give it a little watch. He comments on the men’s elaborate sneaker choices – but I think us women are giving men a run for their sartorial money.

If you’re looking at trading your heels and letting the arches of your feet rest a little, here are some killer looks from fashion girls around the world.




Image source: pinterest (if you own any of these images, let me know and I will be sure to give you full credit)


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