There is no clearer example of devastation than an Australian not being able to buy something from a US based site.*throws computer at a wall*. That’s all changed though…


A month or two ago I discovered Luxola. I am a little late to the party – I’m still new to makeup online stores, okay? I have been wearing the same foundation since 2008, just to put things into perspective for you. I mean, I’ve stuck with the same trusty Mac Studio Fix for so many years, not the same bottle. The day I part with that foundation, you’ll know about it, because it will be the most emotional transitional stage I’ve ever been through.

I’m having withdrawals already.


I love doing my makeup – just ask anyone who knows me. So when I discovered this store I purchased a bunch of things off it (I’m trying not to be such a creature of habit), which I featured in this tutorial here. I use these products basically everyday, especially my brushes. The soft crease brushes from this set are exactly what I needed, as they’re small and because I don’t have a great deal of room between my crease and eyebrows, I always felt like the brushes I used before these blended my eyeshadow too far up. I’m not a makeup artist, so this is as technical as I can get.

Anyway, just when I thought I discovered this cool new place to shop, it went and changed its name! So where am I going with this story? Luxola is now which is such exciting news for makeup lovers. Now we can get Sephora branded items and exclusive Sephora branded items online, on the reg. Sorry if you just died from second-hand embarrassment, from me saying “on the reg”.


  • Benefit mascara
  • Makeup Forever Lip pencils
  • 3 Concept Eye palette. The perfect bronzed shades for Summer

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