There’s good denim, good shoes and good jewellery inside this post. But I still don’t know what to wear today…

I have bed hair, sleep in my eyes and an over-sized jumper on. It paints a pretty picture of my Saturday morning, doesn’t it? “Woke up Like Dis” in quite it’s literal form. There’s no sugar coating it. I am currently facing the Saturday morning predicament of “what the eff should I wear today?”. It’s a feeling I know too well. Sometimes too many choices are a bad thing. Typical girl, AMIRITE. The real problem is my floordrobe situation.

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It’s so hard to not love them. They’re trusty, they make yo’ ass look great, they suit everyone and they go with literally everything in your floordrobe. Yes, I am running with it. But the question still remains, which pair will I wear today? Someone help me. I can give you a half drunk coffee as payment.


Element Eden, One Teaspoon and Cheap Monday.

sydney fashion blog

Jewellery Gods: Wolf Circus a wicked brand I fell in love with some time ago (they are so kind as well). They offer an array of gorgeous crystal, statement rings which your fingers will love and the cutest, teeniest skull you ever have seen! Vancouver, BC, you answered all my jewellery prayers! Will be featuring these in A LOT of outfit posts I am sure of it!


Wolf Circus

sydney fashion blog

I have a thing for white shoes at the moment. They’re fresh (well until I wear them) and they go with everything. When you’re hooked, there is no turning back. Also note worthy: I am also partial to black and leopard print. All these babies are on high rotation. If I was a centipede my life and shoe problems would all be solved. Or would they?


Vans, Bared Brogues, Nine West Leopard Print, Roc White, Roc Black, Nine West Black

Have an awesome Saturday!


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