We ran into a little bit of bad weather in Berlin, but it really didn’t phase us. We still walked 1 million kilometres this day!


Sabo Skirt shorts, adidas jacket, Windsor Smith shoes, Next Bag, Shakuhachi top


One of my favourite places in Berlin is Alexanderplatz – it is central to where are staying, so we have been going there almost daily! There are lots of shops, restaurants and things to see!

After a li’l breakfast we wandered up to Berlin-Mitte where we looked at some boutiques, ate the best burgers ever at Shiso Burger and walked back to Do you read me? magazine store for the billionth time! I just couldn’t get enough of that shop! Euro magazines are too damn good! They’re basically hard cover books compared to what is available in Australian newsagents!


I found the weather to be so mild at this time of year. pre-Germany, I was warned that it may have already started to cool right down, but even with the rain, I didn’t feel the need to layer up. My Sabo Skirt shorts, adidas jumper and Shakuhachi leather crop top was the perfect casual outfit to wander countless kilometres. It’s funny how far you can walk in one day when you’re traveling – I am so glad my feet weren’t riddled with blistered by the end!



I have a lot of Germany content to get through! We took copious amounts of photos (thanks to Jonathan) – next up some sunshine and a Three Of Something playsuit to get us all ready for Summer!


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