Let the weekend begin.


It’s Friday and it’s time to stop, process the week that was and unwind, relax and dream.

I’ve been finding it hard to truly unwind all week – I have been gravitating towards activities that drain me even more. When they say weddings are one of the most stressful things in life, they weren’t far off the mark. Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited, and next Friday can’t come fast enough, it’s just all the little things which need to be done in the next three days which is stressful.

My brain has been saying to me “but I don’t have the time to just relax”. Here are somethings which are helping me get through the next week – you can also use them for daily life as well when you’re feeling a bit crazy! Ha.




Work out what I can’t control

There are so many things I can’t control in the next week. It’s inevitable that something isn’t going to go to plan. My bridesmaid dresses still aren’t complete, I haven’t seen the venue since May – but do you know what? What happens, happens. Life isn’t perfect. The more I try and control everything the more I am going to get overwhelmed and the more I think I have gone cray!

This goes for relationships, work, friendships, potential jobs, interviews in everyday life. My favourite saying at the moment is “put it in the f-it bucket, and move on”. It’s so spot on.

Play time

When I have been in a bad mood this week, Jonathan has grabbed me and we have jumped up and down on the spot for a minute. It’s actually so much fun – it releases endorphins and surprisingly makes you really happy. I was skeptical at first and then I just let go. Make sure when you’re feeling stressed you get some oxygen and blood pumping – it’s the best thing for you!

Wash your face / get clean

I feel so much clearer and better when I have a shower or just simply wash my face. – I think it’s because your brain thinks it’s the start of the day therefore it makes you feel like you’re starting fresh. This week I am going to was my face infinity times just so I feel fresh.

Nap time

If all else fails have a nap. I love a 30 minute nap. Mmmmmm is it time for a nap now? Please tell me it’s nap time!



And just like this post, I am getting outdoors to my favourite beach. Ah, I love this place so much. Give me a good dose of ions and by next Friday I will be as relaxed as a mermaid.

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