Happy Wednesday. I love wednesdays. Reaching the mid-point of a working week is so good. It’s all smooth sailing from here. I’ve sort of come down with a touch of the flu, so to nip it in the bud I have been dosing up on the good stuff, like juices, smoothies, vegetables, etc. I thought I would share one of my favourite smoothie recipes.

superfood smoothie

I jam packed this with super-foods. I love a good smoothie and this one is my go to recipe. So damn good.


  1. Raspberries
  2. Chia Seeds
  3. Spinach
  4. Greek yogurt
  5. Coconut milk


Grab a blender, turn it on, blend…It really is that simple. Ha.Then slurp it right up!

How cute is my new personalised candle from Isah Fragrances? I have been meaning to show you for a while now, I just haven’t been home long enough to shoot it! You can check out the stunning range of soy candles here.

superfood smoothie



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