I am nursing sore thighs after running 14kms on Sunday, but that isn’t stopping me from running around after a long visit to my orthodontist this morning. I recognise that a trip to the ortho and me running around paints a picture of me being a big kid – I guess that is because I basically am.

The orthodontist thought it would be fun to fill my mouth with resin, which he likened to the stuff in acrylic nails. All I can say is, I have definitely tasted better things – chemicals included. The reasoning behind the resin is I had to have these things called “attachments” put on today. They are little square notches on my teeth to help pull my teeth into line. Yes, it is as sexy as it sounds. I’m just like “Damn, I thought I couldn’t get any sexier and then I went and started producing even more saliva”. To take my Invisalign off before eating now is a whole system. I basically have to stretch, warm up and set aside an extra hour.

puma sneakers

After we finished I thought I would shoot the outfit I was wearing and then head home to work! Busy prepping for a campaign shoot next week, as well as organising some other up and coming posts on Substance. Oh, and by the way, I get married in three months! So crazy. Fun times are ahead, guys.

puma sneakers

puma sneakers

It’s no wonder I have been living in sneakers of late. My to do list is never ending, so I have been finding myself reaching for comfort, rather than height. My newest editions to my ever expanding sneaker collection are these beauties by Puma. Jonathan actually had a similar pair way back, so when I picked these guys up a fortnight or so ago, he became a little nostalgic and reminisced about “the best pair of shoes ever“. I wish I had a photo to scan in, that would have been a little on the “too cute” side. He also bought a pair for his brother not too long after, so with me joining the Hayward family in three months time, I thought there was no better time to start rocking a pair of Suedes.

puma sneakers


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