Happy Tuesday, everyone!


I am mentally preparing for the next three weeks or so weeks. Within those weeks I have my best friend coming to stay, my birthday(25th of March), Jonathan’s birthday (29th of March), a road trip down south (more on this soon), Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and then on the tail end of that three weeks a possible trip to Thailand! Squeezed in there is also a lot of blog content coming your way as well as work! It’s a crazy time. I wish you could see how excited I am right now.


Loving the simple combination of leopard, white and black ankle boots. I am slowing tailoring my wardrobe back to staples with the injection of a statement piece here and there. It goes a lot further in winter. March, is the perfect planning month for my winter wardrobe. It’s the month where I pull out last seasons jeans, knitwear etc and then decide what I’ll keep Vs what I’ll throw away and then proceed to leave it on my bedroom floor and forget why I have a carpet of clothing there. Floordrobes are an easier way to assess a clothing situation, right? RIGHT?



Jonathan Hayward


Ruby Sees All Pants, RMK Boots, Ruby Sees All Tee


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