Many of life’s greatest stories begin with a couple of friends randomly deciding to jump in a car and drive somewhere. Four days before Splendour In The Grass (For my international readers, Splendour is a three day festival in Byron Bay, Australia) I decided to drive all the way to Byron with friends for the weekend and then go on to extend my stay for the following week. I got to drive my new car too! This was my first long drive since I got my licence in April – I am a little bit of a late bloomer. How good was the invention of cars? Haaaa.

So, with tunes turned up, we cruised into brand new adventure!!

There’s nothing better than a good ol’ fashioned road trip.

While the age old saying of “the destination doesn’t matter as much as the journey itself’, is so cliche,  it reigns true and in a way road trips are a metaphor for life: They’re extraordinary expeditions that don’t always have a clear beginning or ending.

I know my current trip doesn’t have any clear expectations. I am currently in a random cafe in Brisbane stealing their extremely slow wi-fi, munching on bruschetta and drinking my second coffee. I was too late for breakfast, so now I have inhaled what I can only describe as 7 cloves of garlic mixed with tomato. I can’t complain too much though because they are, in fact, letting me use their internet, albeit at dial-up speeds. I think I just knocked them off their phone-line when I connected.

While I am only away for 11 days all up, it has been so nice to have much of the last few days unplanned. So much of our lives is already planned, and I really feel like the best way to let go of that is to jump in a car. I love saying “goodbye” to all the overwhelming uniformity and organization of life sometimes. I have still been working while I have been away, hence the stealing of said slow wi-fi.
Okay, shall we move on?





Splendour was so much fun – we met so many new people and that in itself is enlightening. The three days were full of music, food, dancing and just good times all round. Three friends and I all got an airBnb in Byron Bay, which was a really fun way to do it.

I didn’t take too many photos from inside the festival, so what you are seeing today is an array of images taken over the last week – it’s a curated edit. I have been using the new Canon EOS 77D. I have primarily used a Canon 5D Mark ii and Fuji X100 in the past. What I loved about shooting with the 77D is that it was easy to understand. The controls (iso, aperture and shutter speed) were all self explanatory and having the knowledge from the 5D really helped with this. You can either use the top panel LCD to adjust these or the touch screen which I found super easy. I loved being able to use the wheel to adjust settings like aperture and shutter speed quickly. Because I was asking friends to take photos of me I needed to quickly set the camera for them before they framed the image. What I also loved about this model was the weight of it even with the lens on it. I struggle carrying the 5D Mark ii around all day as it does get quite heavy when a prime lens is on, where as the body and lens of the 77D is quite light! Another feature which was perfect for travel is the integrated Bluetooth® wireless control. means you can share all your shots directly to my phone and edit them via VSCO instantly! The image quality, as you can see from this post is incredible – the 77D is a large 24.2 megapixel, which definitely makes a difference.


Lens: 50mm f/1.4 USM lens or the kit lens that came with the camera, which was EF-S 18-135 IS USM  lens. I primarly use a 50mm lens on my own camera, but I loved being able to achieve a different look for my images. I set the lens to roughly 24mm or 35mm each time.

Editing: Vsco on phone or lightroom on my computer


This was not sponsored by Canon. They were kind enough to let me borrow this camera model for the trip and I absolutely loved it. I loved shooting on the Canon 77D. It was actually really liberating to use a camera and understand it so quickly. I was a little concerned I would struggle to begin with as I hadn’t had time to read up before I left for the trip. My friends also loved playing around with it when I asked them to take some quick snaps! Highly reccomend and the price point Vs quality is fantastic for anyone who is wanting an entry level DSLR.











Splendour with Pals
Byron Bay

Photos: Ally Hayward and a couple of pics from Harri and Amy


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