Kayla Itsines is a globally recognised name. It took her two years to shoot from small-town PT to bonafide global fitness sensation. I can’t help but think 2016 is going to be a huge year for Kayla – bigger things are on the horizon and so we had a little chat to her recently about all things fitness, career and balance.



I recently met Kayla Itsines at the launch of her new app; Sweat With Kayla. I was early to the event and so I spoke with her and her Public Relations Assistant, Claire while we waited for everyone to arrive. Kayla is kind, she listens intently and she smiles constantly. Her energy is infectious and the whole room at breakfast was filled with positivity and happiness. What I loved is she is real, and that is rare in this digital age.

Kayla has amassed a huge social following (read: over 4.5 Million followers when this article goes live – her #BBG army is like no other) and she has helped women all over the world transform their bodies, their confidence and their lives in 12 weeks or less. She is still, however, the down-to-earth, humble Adelaide girl who loves her Yiayia’s (grandma) cooking.

Kayla is relatable and authentic, you just have to scroll through the official Kayla Itsines account or Facebook to see this. From posting funny quotes we can all relate to, to funny memes, motivational snaps and girls progression images, it’s hard not to feel a part of the community, heck it’s hard not to feel like you are Kayla’s friend.

It’s so great to see so many women transform their lives thanks to Kayla – read on to get a little more insight into Kayla’s thoughts on career, fitness and balance.

What advice would you give to women who say they hate exercise?

Find something you love and your body will love you for doing it. Try not to think of exercising as a chore and something that you have to do, and rather try to think of it as something that you WANT to do! Whether it’s yoga, going for a walk with friends or a plyometric resistance circuit from my Sweat with Kayla App. Exercising is all about getting out there, trying something new, clearing your mind and keeping yourself healthy and happy!

If someone has been out of the exercise game for a while, what can they do to get back into it?

One of my number one tips to help get motivated and back on track with your health and fitness journey is to take progress photos. I believe there’s nothing more motivating than seeing your own personal progress. As well as this, write down WHY you started and refer back to this as a source of motivation. It’s also important to remember that old habits take time to re-write, so be patient. When setting your goals give yourself realistic timeframes and be kind to yourself.

I know you are a busy lady, so what does a working week look like for you?

This entirely depends on whether I’m in Adelaide or travelling for work. If I am home, I wake up at 5am to post and interact with all of my amazing BBG girls on Instagram. I love to see what they’ve been up to while I’ve been sleeping haha! After breakfast, my day will be filled with a combination of training clients, in at the office, developing content and attending meetings. I also follow my App Sweat with Kayla, so what type of exercise I will do, will depend on what day of the week it is.

How often do you work out?

I follow my Sweat with Kayla App which includes 3-4 resistance training sessions a week, and a combination of LISS and HIIT cardio training on other days. My training also includes rehabilitation sessions and a full day of rest where I won’t work out.

What has been the best career and life advice you have been given to date?

Do what you love and makes you happy – just be true to yourself”. This is what my parents said to me when I considered quitting personal training because my Pappou (Grandpa) told me not to be a personal trainer. Let’s just say I have never looked back!


What advice would you give the everyday girl about consistency? How can you stay consistent with diet, working out etc.

I believe consistency is key to a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained long term. The best way to stay consistent is to find an exercise routine that you actually enjoy and you can fit into your daily schedule. Rather than trying to change multiple aspects of your lifestyle at the same time, try and make small realistic changes that you can maintain long term. Overtime your body will develop a habit that it will not want to let go of. After all, a small step is still a step in the right direction!

Balance is an important part of your life, how do you strike a balance and what does it mean to you?

Balance is so important to me! I personally believe it can be unhealthy to have too much or too little of something in your life. So for me, I aim to incorporate a combination of all things that I love into my day! To do this I write a daily to-do list and play my day in advance (when possible!). This way I can aim to make sure that I’m fitting in all the things that are most important to me, such as family, work, friends and exercise.


What is your favourite post workout snack?

I generally opt for a snack before a workout and love to refuel with a large filling meal afterwards. So a pre-workout snack of mine may be a can of tuna with some wholegrain crackers.

Where has been your favourite place to travel?

Last year I was so lucky to meet and train over 10,000 girls across Amsterdam, London and New York. Travelling to each of these cities was incredible! Not only because I had never been there before, but I also got to meet so many amazing BBG girls. I also love Greece as it is where my family is from and was lucky enough to be able to go here in 2014 with my partner, Tobi.

Is there an exercise you dislike?

No, there really isn’t! I enjoy working out and challenging myself because I love the way it makes me feel.

What does 2016 hold for you?

I’m working on releasing an Android version of my Sweat with Kayla App, and also developing new products, which is really exciting! 2016 is going to be such a big year and there are so many other amazing projects I’m working on, so keep an eye on my website www.kaylaitsines.com for the latest!

Thank you so much to Kayla and her team. I hope that we all continue to motivate and empower each other.

You can check out all of Kayla’s daily fitness motivation here and here – but I am almost positive you already are following her!


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Author: Ally Carey

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