I recently spoke to Bec Wilcock about the ultimate ab workout, how to stay fit while traveling and her very successful career.

About six months ago I attended a media launch and we were treated to a workout session with Bec Wilcock. Ahead of time I was thinking “I am fit, I’ve got this“. I soon realised burpees are not my strong point – well not in the form of tabata style. I also realised I am definitely not as fit as someone who has completed a three-day ultra-marathon. Yes, you read that correctly. Three. Not only did she kick our butts that day, she also completed the workout having just flown in from America the day before.  This girl has stamina and then some.

Bec is the ultimate fitness motivation. I love that she lives and breathes fitness and has a very relatable approach to getting in shape – today she’ll remind you, you literally only need a body length of space to do a workout. You don’t need a gym, so there’s no excuse.

Maybe this interview is the piece that helps push you in the right direction to begin living the healthiest life you can live. Feeling inspired? Keep reading!


Growing up, what sports were your favourite?

Bec : I was a very energetic as a child so my parents put me in every activity and type of sport possible. My favourites would have to be running, triathlons and surfing.

When did you decide that a career in fitness was for you?

Bec : I’ve always had a passion for fitness. I really started to make it my career after I came back from living in Europe for 18 months. I was 19 at the time, and I’ve never looked back!

For all my readers who love to travel, what advice can you give them on staying active when you’re traveling? Is there any small workouts they can complete?

Bec : I like to remind people that you literally only need a body length of space to do a workout. You don’t need a gym, so there’s no excuse!

My favourite travelling workout is this Body Weighted Tabata:

• 8 x rounds of 20 seconds worth of work then 10 seconds rest
• X 4 movements such as push ups / squat jumps / high plank with rotation / burpee

You can use weights or body weighted movements… My advice is to mix it up! Also, the NTC app has heaps of short workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere.

What is your favourite type of workout?

Bec : HIIT (high intensity interval training) is my fave!

What is your favourite meal post workout?

Bec : I’m loving this smoothie at the moment. Here are the ingredients if you would like to try it: acai, banana, blueberry, plant protein, almond butter, maca, L-Glutamine, cinnamon, flax oil, vitamin B-12, & coconut water.


Favourite healthy place to eat in Sydney?

Bec : Proteini on Crown Street in Surry Hills.

How far in advance should you begin to train for a marathon?

Bec : This depends where your starting point is. The Nike Women Half Marathon training program is 12 weeks – this allows for beginners to become 100% ready for the challenge, but also gets those more experienced ready to smash a personal best.

What advice would you give someone who finds it hard to get motivated to workout?

Bec : You never regret a workout. My advice is to structure your week so you always know what you are doing, and commit to your sessions like you commit to going to work – then, set 5 alarms (with your fave song) and get it done! Once you’re up its easy.

What is your favourite abs routine?

Bec : I designed the below ab routine that goes for 7 minutes. It’s a killer!

1 minute of each movement
• Crunches
• Sit up with a twist
• Bicycles
• Claps (lay on your back with your legs extended out and your arms extended over your head. Raise your left leg 20cm off the ground, bend your right knee to 90 degrees and stack your right knee over your right hip. Commence a sit up and bring your arms around the bent leg with a clap, lay back down, repeat 10 times then swap legs)
• Double leg lower and lift
• Sit up to stand
• High plank

What has been the best piece of advice you’ve been given to reach any goals you have had?

Bec : The funniest and best piece of advice anyone has ever given me was from ultra marathon runner Pat Farmer. I had just entered in my first ultra marathon, a 100km race in the Blue Mountains, and I was nervous about making the distance. Pat told me that his grandmother could run 100km if she had done my training program, and all I needed to do was put my mind to it.

I had no excuses to not finish after that statement and even now, I think and smile about that comment every time I start a race!

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