With my wedding only two months away I have been trying to be a “good girl” and be on a self imposed budget. Cue groaning noises. I thought setting a limit for myself to purchase an outfit for under $200 would be hell – turns out it was really easy.


Let’s face it, me being on a shopping ban is never going to be a real thing. I need new clothes like a fish needs water, so lately I have been setting myself a limit, hoping for a sale and then try and find the best items at the best price. I then proceed to cry tears of joy when I get what I want – what girl wouldn’t?



I love promo-codes and I use them whenever I can when I shop online. The annoying thing is they’re not always available when you need them, or they finished just before you think to go back to buy the item which has been sitting in your cart for the past few days.

My hashtag fashion girl problems have well and truly been answered though.


PayPal have just launched a new website called Create My Sale and you can tailor it to match your own needs. Pretty damn cool right? For me, I wanted to get a new outfit for under $200. There were a bunch of great promo-codes and exclusive fashion deals provided by PayPal’s top fashion merchants. A lot of my favourite online store have teamed up with PayPalThe Iconic, Neimus Marcus (which is where my wedding shoes are coming from – eeep!) and General Pants.

I got $30 off this outfit when I spent over $99, so I skimmed in at $197.80. Three items for $197.80, that’s almost unheard of. I thought I would do a little video to show you through the process as I was so impressed, so be sure to check it out (it only goes for 1 minute!).





Head to Create My Sale and Check-out with PayPal to redeem some kick-ass offers


adidas t-shirt, Neuw Jeans, Birkenstocks, Next bag

All from The Iconic


Jonathan Hayward


*advertorial post

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