I really want to be present in the lead up to our wedding


I’ve been a little absent on Substance the past few weeks – I realised I haven’t shot a new outfit since before Germany, despite my overflowing wardrobe and clothing racks in my office. It looks like someone vomited clothes everywhere and thought it would be funny to just leave it there.

It’s sometimes hard to juggle and prioritize things when you have so many things happening at once – I say that as a fact and not in a way to glamorize “being busy”. Who the hell would want to glamorize that? Someone pass me fifty coffees a coffee and a bed.

I woke up with a migraine today, so I think it’s a sign from my body to relax and enjoy the moment, instead of stressing. My hormones have been all over the place – I am not convinced that bridal hormones aren’t a thing. I am an easy going kind of gal, but I have been snappin’ left, right and centre – I have had an altered state of mind. Not too good of a personality trait to the lead up to a wedding.

“Hey Jonathan, I am now a crazy person, and you’re about to be stuck with me forever”.

Damn I sound sexy as hell. Almost too sexy. I’m drooling about how sexy this all sounds.

I really want to be present in the lead up to our wedding – it is such a sacred time, I don’t want to look back and think “Oh I wish I had have spent more time just enjoying it all“. You know it’s all about looking at a bunch of inspirational quotes and really “live in the moment” or something like that. I could be paraphrasing here, but I’m about a million percent sure that was one of the million I saw on Instagram this morning. Because of this I have been subconsciously cutting back on the time we take to shoot outfits and write cohesive blog posts. I don’t want to just rush to get something up for you – quality always wins over quantity. Always.

All this said, I will be back to posting normally very soon!

I finally feel that after months and months of sometimes frantic planning, today I have reached a natural calm. I’m going with the flow and ready to just enjoy my hens and the lead up to what is going to be the best day of my life. I thought I would show you outfits I am about to pack up for my hens weekend in Melbourne – yes I am organised for a trip for once. It must be because I am moving towards so-called grown up territory with these nuptials ahead of me. I have no idea what the girls have planned for Melbourne, so I am SO excited!!

Apologies in advance for the sleepiness in my voice – migraines suck, but these clothes rule.


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All Outfits featured are from Fashion Bunker

Author: Ally Carey

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1 thought on “Packing Video: What I Am Taking To Melbourne”

  1. So much amazing! You are going to look amazing! Keepsake the Label have such amazing colours and designs at the moment!
    I just moved from Sydney to Melbourne, and I love it here, but yes, make sure you bring a jacket! It’s been pretty cold here, especially when you’re used to Sydney weather!
    Hope you have a wonderful time!! xox

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