…And on Thursdays we match our clothes to the exterior of take away shops.


Short dresses, sock and sandals, better known as “The Ally Carey Uniform”. I am beyond obsessed with combos like these at the moment. Also, here’s a fun fact: Did you know shift dresses and sandals are so easy and totally acceptable even for non UK back packer types, such as yourself?

When you’re caught in a “lazy-i-am-moving-tomorrow” vortex such as myself and all your clothes are packed up, planning outfits just isn’t a thing. So, shift dresses and sandals are your best friend. And I mean, they’re a pretty great best friend to have.

In other news I am excited for the Snowlympics to begin tomorrow. Yes, the Snowlympics.

Photography: Jonathan





What I am wearing today

Three of Something Dress, Steve Madden Bag, Windsor Smith Shoes, Happy Socks

Oh, and a little bit more

I have been featured in the latest issue of Shop Til You Drop Magazine, alongside some great girls! How fun!

See below or buy your copy to check it out in the flesh.


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