As I prepare this post on sunny Thailand, I sit here in layers with predominately purple skin. If that’s not a juxtaposition in climates, I don’t know what is.


We wear garments everyday without even questioning things like A) Where did it originate from B) How long have these items been around for and C) Who were the first women to have worn them. We were shooting this outfit on the last day of Thailand and my usual self blurts out the host of questions above to Jonathan. I do this to him all the time and it probably annoys the hell out of him. My questions are usually just before we fall asleep at night or first thing when we first wake up, and they usually are along the lines of: “How many people do you think have dropped their phone off the side of a Sydney Ferry since 2001” or “What is your favourite type of potato” or “How many years does it take for the moon to orbit us?” or “What have been some of the most stupid things I have asked you? I need it for a blog post“.

Completely and utterly nonsensical, but he is marrying me anyway. So really I am the winner at the end of the day.

Okay, so I recognise I may have gone a little off topic there for a moment, so let’s get back to what I am trying to tell you!


When you think jumpsuits you probably think back to the 1970s – wide legged, psychedelic colourways and horrible chiffon. However the first jumpsuit was around a few decades before during the 1940s World War II years. The first jumpsuit launched as a subversive and liberating garment during the Futuristic period. I guess being solely something pilots and drivers wore, it took a little while to be seen as something fashionable for women. Moving forward several decades, it is now a staple styles for us gals, even if we do have to remove the entire thing to use the bathroom. Also: never, ever wear one to a festival. Portable toilets and jumpsuits just aren’t a good mix.

I absolutely adore this wide-legged jumpsuit by Somedays Lovin’. It looks so much like a dress, but it has all the benefits of a jumpsuit. Yes, that means excessive jumping up and down, running around excitably through the streets of Thailand and riding a bike without flashing the whole world my so-called nether-regions. Do people actually say nether-regions? I just wrote it because the only other option started with a V and I thought that may read a little funny on a style blog.

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Somedays Lovin’ Jumpsuit, Sunday Somewhere Glasses, Windsor Smith Shoes


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