I’ve been wearing way too much black lately and it’s starting to feel a little safe and a little boring, so I’ve decided to mix it up a little.


I went through a black and white phase and I have slowly been trying to introduce other colours like tan, navy, grey, baby pink and maroons in to the mix. Black and white is so safe and it’s been pretty uninspiring lately. I feel like it’s time to step off the bandwagon and embrace a little bit of change. I’m not completely saying goodbye to black and white, I am just trying to create a more substantial wardrobe for Spring.

This navy on navy combo with a pop of emerald green and soft baby pink has fast become a favourite of mine. Two of my favourite Australian labels bought together to make an unbeatable combination. I have had this cropped blouse from Sir The Label for a while and i have featured it on here before, but I gave it a new lease of life with these navy, raw hemmed shorts by Oskar. I’ve read about 293844 articles claiming the cropped top trend is dead, but I’m here to prove it has longevity. It just comes down to how you style it.

I bet when you hear “cropped top“, you automatically think of some man made, tight fabric that barely covers your right boob. You probably think “If I am going to wear that crop top, I’ll have a glass of air for dinner, I guess“.

I get it. Crop tops can seem daunting, but I’m going to tell you how you can wear them…Don’t worry it doesn’t involve crunches (but I can include them if you’d like ha..ha…?


1. Always pair a cropped blouse / top with high-waisted pants / shorts or skirt. A cropped top creates the illusion of longer legs and can make you look taller. That’s why I look 8ft when I wear this and heels. #giant

2. You have to realise crop top is a broad term in fashion. It can mean that horrible version you see on a 12 year old, it can mean a blouse that skims the top of your pants or it can mean a boxy shaped crop t-shirt et al. There are many variations in length – wear what you feel confident in. If you choose to bear a little or bear it all, that’s totally your call. I’m personally a fan of a happy medium, much like today’s post.

3. For an evening or elegant look, pair a midi skirt with a boxy shirt that meet at each hemline.

4. Tie a loose blouse in a not and pair with a pair of high-waisted shorts – you can control how much stomach you show by how big the knot is

5. It’s all about proportion. If you’re gonna show a lot on the top, be a little more conservative on the bottom with a baggier, slouchier silhouette…and vice-versa.

6. If you still are too shy to wear a crop, wear it under a dress or overalls or over a shirt.



Oskar The Label Shorts, Sir The Label Top, Lack Of Colour Hat, Sachi Shoes, Karen Walker X Benah Bag


Author: Ally Carey

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