There’s nothing better than a casual look that still oozes sophistication and ease.


Some looks can carry us through any day, any season and any occasion. One outfit that definitely can is the girlfriend jeans, graphic T-shirt and heels; there’s nothing better than a casual look that still oozes sophistication and ease.

For accessories opt for a small cross-body bag to toss over your shoulder, statement earrings, sunglasses to match, black pumps as they are simply timeless and a felt hat to hide third day hair.

If you’ve have been on the hunt ethically produced T-shirts ( I know how tricky it can be to find ethical options in a sea of mass-production); look no further than Bon The Label. Cotton production is one of the most wasteful productions in the world, so it’s great to make yourself conscious of how a single T-shirt is produced.





Assembly Label Jeans, Tony Bianco Heels, Stella McCartney Bra, Dylan Kain Bag, Bon The Label T-shirt, RAY BAN




Author: Ally Carey

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