Nothing screams Summer more than my very burnt back today. I am normally so careful but for some reason I thought it would be highly entertaining to get around with an itchy, extremely red back for the next few days. Loose layers like this outfit is what I will have to be living in – that an copious amount of aloe vera.




I got up made fresh juice at home then headed out for business meetings before the end of the year. Both evidently too tasty not to snap a quick photo or ten. I wonder how long I can use the “but it’s Christmas” excuse for over indulging, eating out repetitively et al – ’tis the season after all.


Who am I kidding, I know I am right.

On another note, I am really loving throwing on clothes – apparently without ironing them. These two items from Somedays Lovin’ are my favourite go to “I’m feeling like Kate Moss” pieces at the moment. However this outfit definitely goes better with my new fringe. FRINGE! Ah, I am obsessed with it. We shot these pics just before my haircut on Wednesday, in hindsight, I should have waited!

What I am wearing

Somedays Loving Dress, Somedays Lovin Crochet Cardi – General Pants (MidCity)



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