My bedroom has always been my oasis. I love retreating to my bed when I need some “me” time. When it comes to my bedside table, I keep things very simple; a minimal approach has preconditioned me for a relaxed mind. I hate having clutter there, so I only keep the essentials. I try and do all my evening skincare before I get into bed, so I don’t need to have those products there, taking up room. I do, however, keep hand cream at the ready, as I love applying this just before I sleep. These days, my bedside table only hosts my essentials. I clean it off almost daily so there is no build up of items.

Before I get into all my essentials, allow me address the book stack because it takes up the most space on my bedside table: I make it a point to read before I sleep. My night time ritual at the moment is to burn the Ecoya candle while reading. I think it is so important to adopt a calm routine as well as making sure your space is sufficiently dark enough, quiet enough to allow for good sleep. To most people, a smell isn’t just a fragrance – it’s a memory. That’s why I like burning a candle at night, as it is now a direct correlation to my night time routine. As soon as I smell it, I begin to unwind.



  1. Ecoya Candle: It smells divine
  2. Books: A few of my favourites at the moment
  3. Lavender Essential oil: My friend Karissa gave this to me recently as I have had trouble sleeping. lavender can help calm the mind and body almost instantly. But perhaps its most useful benefit is its ability to help treat insomnia. It’s so calming and I love using it.
  4. Some greenery: Oxygen and because; pretty
  5. Lip balm & Hand cream: Apply before sleeping
  6. Glass of Water

What do you keep on yours?


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Author: Ally Carey

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