My skin still been temperamental lately. On the right side of my face I still have had the hormonal white heads I was speaking about over on IG last month. This is so unusual for me, so after talking to friends who suggested it was because of the constant travel and fluctuation in my diet, as well as environmental factors, I decided to go and chat to a facialist.

I booked into Jurlique in their MidCity store – my old stomping grounds for when I used to take care of all the social media for the centre. It’s such a calm, beautiful space. It’s filled with natural light, fresh blooms and of course their signature tea which they grow at their farm in Adelaide Hills.

I met with Tania, who was calming from the moment I walked in.




Here is a little insight into my treatment:



Within the facial, I loved that we used products which my skin is used to. All the good things from the Jurlique Herbal Recovery range, which are jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It meant there was no down time post facial, as it mirrored my skincare routine – only it was done thoroughly by a professional.

  1.  Cleanser
  2. Herbal Recovery Signature Lotion
  3. Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Cream
  4. Herbal Recovery Signature Serum
  5. Herbal Recovery Signature Mist
  6. Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising lotion
  7. Mask
  8. Crystal: The protective Amethyst has many skin benefits including calming, revitalising and minimising fine lines and wrinkles. Amethyst crystals help firm the skin and detoxify negative energy, anxiety and stress whilst attracting positivity. They may be used as cool or warm facial massage stones to restore radiance and even skin tone.



Nothing quite makes your skin glow like a facial, does it? I mean, it’s the face equivalent of getting your hair washed at a salon. You can never get those results yourself for some reason.

I really felt like I had a clean slate to work with and that all the build up was gone. The steam really helped to open pores and get the impurities out.

Because there was no harsh chemicals in the product, my skin had no down time and I didn’t experience any reactions. This is one thing I am always conscious of post skin treatments, as I have extremely sensitive and sometimes reactive skin.


I am a newbie to regular facials, as I didn’t start paying attention to my skin until my late 20’s, but it’s honestly never too soon (or too late!). When I say “I didn’t start paying attention to my skin”, I purely mean in terms of seeking professional advice. I have always maintained a good routine at home, but when my skin has broken out, become congested or lack lustre, I haven’t gone into a salon regularly for help.

After talking to Tania, she told me facials are important in any routine because they draw out any deep down impurities and cleanse your skin in a way you can’t at home.

I am going to try and implement regular facials; whether they be Omnilux (which I tried for the first time the other day!!), anti-aging or regular facial monthly until my skin clears.

As I get older, I realise there is nothing like pampering yourself weekly, fortnightly or monthly. It’s so important to schedule in some time to take care of yourself. There is no better feeling than being completely rejuvenated & fresh faced.

Are you guys taking the time to rest, relax and look after yourself? Do you get regular facials?




This blog post is in partnership with Jurlique. I have been using their products for years. All opinions are my own.

Photos: Calvin Hoff

Author: Ally Carey

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