Lately I have given my make-up routine a re-think – a spring clean. Here is what I have been using! I change it up almost daily to give my skin a break and to change up my look as well, so I don’t get bored with make-up.


  1. China Doll By Napoleon Perdis: China Doll is perfect for oily skin and as the months get warmer my skin likes to get a little oily on my t-zone, so this is perfect for days I wear foundation. I go between this and MAC Studio Fix. When do I use it: China Doll is offers a thin coverage so I typically use CD during the day.
  2. Olay Touch Of Sun: When do I use it: I wear this when I have fake tan on. It’s a lot more gentle than putting all over body tan on your face (I find that dries my skin out so much)
  3. Red Earth BB Smooth Canvas Cream: I have just started using BB Cream – my sister got me on to it. When do I use it: I haven’t been wearing foundation lately (except to meetings etc) so this is what I wear when my skin needs to breathe!
  4. Red Earth Foundation Palette: When I want a thicker coverage I use my Red Earth palette. When do I use it: I typically use this one when I am going out at night as it’s thicker and stay put all through the night.


          1. Moroccan Oil: My hairdresser taught me to mix one pump of Moroccan oil in with your conditioner – that way it sinks in to the follicles in the shower as you tend to leave conditioner on for 1-2 minutes. If you haven’t tried that, you should it makes a massive difference. When do I use it: When I wash my hair – so twice a week
          2. O&M Surf Bomb: I love messy curls (as you all would know) and this sea salt spray is seriously the bid-nez. It smells so yummy, as do all O&M products. When do I use it: Every day


          1. Red Earth Skin Perfection Concealer All In One Set: This concealer is basically the dummies guide to concealing which would be perfect for everyone. I love the guide section as it shows where to put: green, pink, yellow and skin coloured concealer. Absolutely perfect. When do I use it: When I use BB Cream or have a plain face and want to conceal certain parts.
          2. Napoleon Perdis Pro-Palette Concealer: I bought this on the weekend so i’ve only been using it a few days. I mix all three to create the perfect colour. So far so good. When do I use it: I use this in conjunction with China Doll.


        1. Red Earth Foundation Brush: This brush is better than my MAC foundation brush (GASP). It really works the foundation in to your skin which is great! When do I use it: I use this for BB Cream, Foundation and buffing concealer.
        2. Red Earth Secret Poison (Illuminator): I have just started wearing illuminator in the last month or so. It is so great to highlight cheekbones, lips, nose and collar bones. When do I use it: Mixed in to my moisturiser when I am going make-up free, mixed in to China Doll if I am going for a fresh foundation face.

Author: Ally Carey

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