When it comes to New York, there is constantly so much to take in, and you’re never given the chance to really get bored. I love that each neighbourhood has it’s own character and style – you could see factories, colorful row houses, and within a few minutes, you’ll be walking past a crazy-ass mansion.


Following on from my blog post from last week, here are some things to get up to when you visit NYC for either the first time or your next visit.


I am only scratching the surface here. We couldn’t fit everything in, so there are things missing from this list, that’s for sure!




(MoMA) MUSEUM OF MODERN ART | (11 West 53rd Street at 6th Avenue, Midtown West): For me, this was one of the highlights of the trip – being able to get up close to paintings such as Vincent van Gogh’s, The Starry Night, was unbelievable.

THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART | (1000 5th Avenue at 82nd Street, Upper East Side): Admission is by suggested donation – so you can either pay the admission fee or whatever you wish to pay. I love visiting the museums and galleries whenever I travel – I do it so often in Australia that I just love seeing what other cities have to offer.

THE COMEDY CELLAR: We decided only a few hours before we went that we would catch a comedy show. The forum we read said it was better to buy tickets in advance but you can get lucky sometimes in standby line. As it was all sold out online we thought we’d try our luck and get there early and wait to see if we would get a seat. We were lucky enough to get in that night. We had to wait roughly 45-60 minutes, which was completely fine, despite the fact JD and I stepped in a HUGE puddle of vomit. NYC: the place of weird smells and disgusting things. The entire line of people, us included must have been the most dedicated people to comedy because the stench the vomit was omitting didn’t hinder us from lining up. We saw 6 comedians – some were hilarious and a couple bombed. It’s a $12USD cover charge and a two drink minimum per person – really good value.

EDIT: I read that Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Schapelle turned up last Wednesday night and all did a bit. Imagine that!!!






CENTRAL PARK: We were looking at prices for Citibikes and then got accosted by a man who said he had bikes around the corner and could do a deal for all four bikes for $60 which was much cheaper than Citibike. We apprehensively followed him, but he pulled through and we had the bikes all day. We grabbed some picnic food from Wholefoods and rode around Central Park all day. Such an amazing park – I can not believe how big it actually is.

BROOKLYN BRIDGE: We chose the busiest day to do this, so if I can give any advice it is to NOT do this walk on a weekend. Try and do it on a weekday early or late afternoon otherwise you will be fighting your way through 10000 million people.

PROSPECT PARK: It’s like Central Park, but in Brooklyn. Perfect for a picnic and bike ride!

NITEHAWK CINEMA: Anything that combines dinner, alcohol and film gets a huge tick from me.

BROOKLYN MARKETS One Hanson Place (at Ashland Pl.) – Williamsburg Savings Bank: I picked up some vintage clothes from here. It’s a $1USD donation. There are so many amazing stalls and vendors to choose from. Also; barter with the stall holders, they will definitely do deals on vintage! On that note, most vendors are cash-only.



BROOKLYN: For Brooklyn, you can take the L Train from Manhattan. Brooklyn is huge – we didn’t come close to covering it all. For reference; Brooklyn, is 5 times the size of Manhattan. There is so many neighbourhoods to explore!
WILLIAMSBURG: Williamsburg is the Brooklyn neighbourhood quickest to reach from Manhattan. I could move there in a heartbeat. It’s got amazing food and coffee, a really laid-back vibe – I love the atmosphere. Get out at Bedford Avenue and just wander around! I covered a few great spots to eat in this blog post.

TIME SQUARE: The only time we went to Time Square was to procure a discounted Broadway tickets (located on 47th street) and another with Wade and Bec to see what it was all about. It’s really tourist driven, but it’s a place you have to see at least once. It’s packed with street performers, vendors and signs so bright it feels like daylight 24/7 – it’s visual madness. It’s not a place where you’d spend every day of your trip, but it’s worth going to see what it is all about, after all it’s one of the most iconic places in the world.



While I didn’t do a huge amount of shopping while I was in NY, I did look at a lot. I was at a really awkward stage as I had been traveling in the lead up to NYC so I didn’t really feel the need to buy anything. I bought a handful of things and some amazing vintage pieces. See below!


SOHO: I loved SOHO – it was the perfect mix of designer and high street – all the buildings are spotless and I loved the iron facades. I found that we spent a few days walking the stretch along Broadway, Prince Street, Spring Street, and all the way down to Canal Street. It’s definitely a must see!

Also; while you’re there check out the below. There are so many stores/ places, but these three were my favourite! The novelty of visiting places we don’t have in Australia is real!!

  • The Apartment By The Line (76 Greene St, between Spring & Broome)
  • Brandy Melville (499 Broadway, between Broome and Spring Sts)
  • Intermix (98 Prince Street, New York, between Mercer & Greene)


5th Ave: Here, you can find flagship stores for nearly every high-end designer—Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Armani, Fendi – etc. If you’ve saved some cash for your trip I highly recommend heading to 5th Ave! If you’re on more of a budget friendly spending binge 5th Ave also has H&M, Uniqlo, Zara etc.

THRIFT SHOP: Brooklyn is famous for its boutique thrift stores. There are so many in Williamsburg, so if you’re there be sure to check out the ones off Bedforth Ave! Lulu’s Then and Now had great vintage pieces, as did, Buffalo Exchange.

MADISON AVE: Cute boutique to explore before or after visiting Central Park or The Met.

BOOKS: There are so many great bookshops in NYC, but my favourite was The Strand (828 Broadway, Manhattan), which had such an amazing selection of rare, used, and new books. Their motto, “Miles and Miles of Books” is no joke – definitely stop by if you get the chance!

COOL THINGS: Forbidden Planet (832 Broadway, Manhattan), JD and I are into collecting figurines and comic books, so we visited this place (it’s right next to The Strand).


If you have some things you would like to add to this list, please comment with suggestions! I hope this helps! I wish I could fit everything in!



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