AdvertisementSummer has just began here in Australia and Christmas is fast approaching – I am excited about these turn of events.


This past month has been one of the craziest I have had all year. I am going to treat myself to some holiday / Christmas break clothes. I think they are well deserved given I haven’t had any time off work lately. (Just sit there while I try and justify spending money on clothes, it won’t take long to convince myself).

Earlier this year I fell in love with J.Crew’s Fall 2013 collection thanks to creative director Jenna Lyons’s expert touch. She is a visionary. I loved all the bright pops of colour and pattern mixing. The ‘prep’ look J.Crew became famous for is something I will always love, but there is something so fresh and fun about wearing print on print.

Narrowing down your favourite items is like asking someone to choose their favourite sibling. But it happens every Christmas. I write a list of infinity things, and Jonathan begs “You have to give me a little less to work with”. Rest assured I have managed to give a little more of a break down this year – here is my top 5 items and trends I want to be coveting this Christmas break.






What trends are you going to try in these Summer Holidays?: clashing prints, florals, white on white?

J.Crew is available online here and yes get excited Australian girls and guys, that means you too!! (It’s a Christmas Miracle)

Author: Ally Carey

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