We ventured around for about 9 hours non-stop on the first day and I could have easily kept on going.

Our trip to Thailand crept up on us so fast I didn’t have the chance to really research where we were going or what we could do with the time we had there. I prefer holidays like that anyway – things which happen organically are a lot better than those planned down to the final minute. I think that if you go in too prepared you run the risk of disappointment if external factors get in the way.

We asked the manager at Aleenta (Joe) what we should do, and before we knew it he had prepared a personal driver for us and listed places we should go – all we had to do was have fun.

Come and take a look through part two of our trip, which is really part one because it’s day one… I hope I successfully confused you then.


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1. We went to an amazing temple near Phuket Town. We spent about two hours there walking through, reading, people watching and I guess just taking in the culture. Being day one, our minds were completely blown as we had quite literally never seen anything like this before. Well, not to this scale anyway.

thailand holiday

2. The drive into Phuket – this was an experience in itself. Thai road rules are extremely funny to watch. We had a game of spot the most people on a scooter and I think we got to two adults and two children under three. Different countries law and what is acceptable in different countries is pretty amazing when you think about it.

thailand holiday

3. My first of many coconut purchases and goddamn it was fresh. It cost me 30THB and the little boy who served me was such a sweet heart. He spoke no English, which I think is amazing, given we were in such a tourist orientated section of Thailand.

thailand holiday

4. Lily covered pond at the Temple. This was pre me covering up appropriately. I guess that was a little naive and rude of me to come to such a sacred place dressed in short shorts. I am extremely glad they have skirts for ladies so they can enter as it was a magical experience. Definitely one thing I learned was to make sure you respect how they want you to dress. Next time I would be sure to take a few more options (Maxi Dress, longer skirts etc)

thailand holiday

5. Stunning china at one of the little shops we went into in Phuket. I could have spent hours in there. It was so bright and colourful! They also sold a lot of textiles.

thailand holiday

6. I wore: One Teaspoon Shorts, GSTAR RAW Shirt and Birkenstocks this day. It was a comfortable outfit and I was so happy the shirt was breathable. You can’t really see it apart from my messy up-do, but I was sweating profusely in these images. It’s that thick humidity you just can’t escape.

thailand holiday

7. Candles burning / melting outside one of the temples. There were a few of these around as well as incense burners (Love incense). I didn’t light any, but I spent a bit of time watching the locals doing so!

thailand holiday

8. Every where you step in Phuket there is a little alley which takes you on a completely different route. We went down a few and thus got lost. It all links back up pretty easily though. Exploring Phuket was such an eye opening experience. It was on my to do list, so I am so glad we got there!

thailand holiday

9. Like I always say: Always look up. The temples architecture was simply stunning. I adore all the intricate detailing.

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10. Another shot of the drive into Phuket.

I hope that you are enjoying a little insight into our trip and also, if you haven’t yet made it to Thailand I hope you are enjoying seeing the places you can go!

thailand holiday

11. This was my favourite place we ate the whole trip – I say that, but everything was so tasty it is extremely hard to pick a fav! We ordered so much and so many spicy things – the owners where telling us we shouldn’t order the hot ones. But we are so glad we did, they were SO good.

Note: We were so thankful for those two fans!

thailand holiday

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