December is only a couple of weeks away, meaning only one thing: Summer Time!

Schick Hydro Razor, Sol Bellow Towel, Sol Bellow Swimmers, Kosmea Sunscreen, O&M Sea Salt Spray, Shakuhachi Sunglasses, Just Because Jaipur Shoes, Paul Mitchell Moisture Spray, Status Anxiety Wallet, Eclipse Mint





After winning our trip to Thailand last Friday night (Jonathan and I came 1st in a style challenge for Wish. Our entry won first prize!) It’s had me thinking about Summer / our holiday and how I need to prepare my body and wardrobe for hotter months!

How I get my legs ready for Summer:
Schick Hydro Razor: Winter means my legs have been in hibernation. So my first plan of attack is to make sure I have smooth, summer ready legs. I’ve always been a shaver, not a waxer. My pain threshold for waxing isn’t that high, so shaving has always been my go to method. I think it’s what you’re introduced to as a teen. My mum shaved, so I followed suit. Where as friends of mine, their mothers waxed so that’s what they did. Personally, I love how effortless shaving is, and this razor is my favourite because of that.

My favourite part about this razor is the moisturising bars which feature hydrating water‐activated moisturizing serum, – top and bottom. They make for a really smooth shave, with no nasty skin irritation aka horrible red bumps. The 5 curve‐sensing blades make sure I don’t cut my legs up when I am in a rush in the mornings as well. So it’s a win, win situation for my legs.

I’ve asked Schick to spread some early Christmas joy, so they are offering to giveaway THREE razors to my readers! If you’d like to go in the running, simply comment in the comment form with your best contact details!

How I moisturise my body In Summer:
Paul Mitchell Moisture Spray: I have a love hate relationship with body butter and moisturiser in summer. I love the way it hydrates my skin, but I hate how sticky it makes me. This moisture spray is a little bit of a miracle in a bottle. It sprays on and dries instantly. It also happens to smell divine. This is what I use on my legs after shaving! I love the feeling of my skin afterwards.

What I wear on my face in Summer:
Kosmea Sunscreen: Sunscreen ventures into moisturiser territory for me. I dislike the feeling of it on my skin and I always feel like it triples the rate I perspire at. Kosmea is super light and it’s a tinted moisturiser too! Swear by this for beach time and any water sports!

How I do my hair in Summer:
O&M Sea Salt Spray: Messy beach curls using this amazing sea salt spray gives my hair a rest from straightening and curling throughout the year. So if you see a crazy hair lady, it’s probably me.

What I will be wearing this Summer:
Sol Bellow Swimmers: I have upped my workout routine lately to make sure my body is in the best shape it can be in for Summer. I was recently introduced to Sydney label Sol Bellow. They super cute limited edition swimmers made right here in Australia.

Just Because Shoes: Slip on sandals are a must. I spend the majority of Summer at the beach, so strappy, annoying shoes just don’t cut it. And they’re also great for when the sand is so hot you have to run across it, as the sand just slips straight out.

Shakuhachi Sunglasses: Reflector Sunglasses are my new obsession. They’re so much fun for the Summer months. Completely and utterly, obsessed.

Author: Ally Carey

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