The past three months have been full of hard work and fun whilst I travel been Thredbo, Sydney and last week New Zealand. However, if I am perfectly honest, it has also been pretty exhausting on my body and on my skin.

I have been living between suitcases and half packed cupboards, but beyond my clothing, I have also been living out of my toiletry bag(s). To help me maintain a routine, I have had the same skincare products packed away and I have been using them endlessly. Living out of a toilet bag has been really beneficial as I have had to stick with the products I have packed, leaving very little room to introduce new things. It’s provided me with some consistency, which we all know our skin loves.

I have tried to strip back my routine lately, and only use products that are organic or are derived from plants and botanicals. I have been steering clear from hash chemicals and anything too intense. I think as you get older, the more we are invested in what we’re actually using on our skin. What I genuinely love about Jurlique is their use of Powerful botanicals and natural-based antioxidants and that natural ingredients are still grown in the Adelaide Hills where Jurlique first began; I know exactly what I am putting on my skin and there is zero fuss when it comes to looking up the ingredients. It’s all listed on their website, which I find SO helpful. I am so inquisitive when it comes to skincare and I love to research things intensely.

When it comes to traveling, we all know our skin can become significantly moisture-sapped, dull and puffy due to the sudden change in weather and the recirculated cabin air. To help combat these effects which I have little control over, I love using products which are effective.


Here is a list of the holy grail products (which I have been trialling for the last 7 weeks before reviewing) which haven’t left my travel bag!

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Moisturiser, Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Mist, Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Cream, Jurlique Herbal Recovery Serum


(I am still learning)

  1. Don’t fly in makeup – take it off and moisturise before you fly. I only learned the other day that there is no real benefit to doing this once you’re on the plane – you need to prep the days leading up.
  2. Take a mist to replenish your skin on flights or long drives. SPRITZ, SPRITZ, SPRITZ!
  3. If the flight is longer, take a decanted version of your cleanser and wash your face. This will help you feel fresh, but it will also replenish your skin.
  4. Use a smudge proof mascara – use this at the end of the trip to make you look awake and feel fresh
  5. I have a super oily T-zone whenever I travel (yes, I look like an oil rig), so I always pack a translucent powder or blotting paper
  6. Take your favourite products in re-usable containers to save on weight!
  7. When I am traveling, I generally pack one large bag for my skincare, one bag for makeup and then I will use a smaller bag for in-flight essentials which I am sure you all, already do. With this I use re-usable containers on the flight.
  8. Don’t forget sunscreen!

What products do you use for travel? Do you have any swear-by tips?

Author: Ally Carey

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