We all have our days where our hair is flat and weighed down, but with these insider tricks I am sharing with you today, we’ll all have mega volume, on the reg. #365

If your hair is volume-challenged, then be sure to read on! You will be surprised at one of the products Antonio suggested to use!!


I have a lot of hair. And I mean A LOT.

It’s actually quite deceiving. When I was modeling, people would sit me in the hair and make-up chair ready to get done up for runway or a shoot and think “Oh you have fine hair“. But that was quickly replaced by “Oh you have fine hair, but gosh you have a lot of it“. My individual strands are fine, but it is thick and on hot days like today it is like I am wearing a fur lined beanie mixed with someone simultaneously burning it with a blowtorch. Infact, This is what I look like most days in Summer.

On Friday last week I got to sit down and have my hair styled by Moroccanoil’s Global ambassador, Antonio Calero. We had a long chat about hair, how to achieve certain looks, how to use their new dry shampoo and other products and also gave me advice on what do with my hair. You know me, I am always up for a change!!

We ended up going for a super voluminous, undone, wavy hair look as I was heading out for dinner with JD that night (for the worst dumplings ever mind you). He coined it a modern day Brigitte Bardot, because he said I reminded him of her. Definitely far too generous with that comparison.


You may want to incorporate some of these tricks into your daily routine or you may want to bust out for special occasions, either way this methods work. As a trial I thought I would see how long the volume lasts – I didn’t wash my hair until after I swam today (Morning exercise) and it was still super full. It held really well, which I was surprised with as normally my hair would go flat after sleeping on it. The curls had obviously dropped and were knotty, but the lift at the root was still really voluminous!!

  1. Use a root booster. Antonio used the Moroccanoil Root Boost on mine. The nozzle is directional which Antonio explained is much better as it disperses product closer to the root. Separate your hair into sections and once you have spray root booster onto your roots, dry the product in with your hairdryer. Use a barrel brush to lift the roots further. If you are like me and find it difficult to use a barrel brush and dryer at the same time, tip your head upside down!
  2. Also: using a root boost will help make your style last all day (and then some).
  3. You can actually create soft volume by back-brushing the roots at the crown of the head. Use a comb or large paddle brush to softly tease your hair. Don’t go crazy – just create little sections and back-comb. Section the crown of your head, leaving the top layer pinned away from the part you want to tease, then once you’ve finished, let down the rest of the hair, and smooth over.
  4. You can also spray dry shampoo on the section to help lock in the teasing. Moroccanoil has just launched two new dry shampoos – a brunette and a blonde one. Yay for brunettes having their own coloured spray – no more grey hair!! Ha!!
  5. Day two of curls, flip their head upside down and since the gravity will help increase the volume as you add in the dry shampoo
  6. Dry shampoo is volume-building. Spray it through the lengths as well, to create even more texture.



With thanks to Antonio and Violet from Moroccanoil. Now can you please do my hair every day for me?


JD Hayward


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