Sometimes I play favourites.



The Deets

MLM Tee, MLM Slides, Electric Sunglasses, Chloe Perfume

This is the perfect tee that says it all. AMIRITE? Jumping right on board the slides bandwagon too, because it’s one bandwagon you just have to try.

*studio audience erupts in applause*



The Deets

Body Brush (from Coles it was $5), Babe Scrub Pink Salt, Printed Instagram Photos via Picture Postie, Curtis Collection by Victoria Mineral Sheer Tint, Dr. AlkaitisOrganic Eye Cream, LUK Lip Balm

I don’t know what I’ve done to be blessed with the skin of a rattle snake crossed with a 90 year old woman lately. I think the stress of moving and this damn humidity has upped my skin’s crazy levels. I am excited to try Babe Scrub to combat said crazies. I also feel like I have gone back in time (Circa 1996) when I saw a body brush hanging in my Grandma’s perfectly pink bathroom. I thought it must have been a tooth brush for her dentures or something. My six year old brain: Footage not found. I have honestly wanted to buy one since 1996 and I finally did today, so I guess you could say that I had a very successful Tuesday.



The Deets

Ixiah Tunic, Electric FW01 Watch, Mac Lipstick, Grown Alchemist Hand Cream

Sometimes I seamlessly slip into fashion jargon and am just like “This is so chic”, but then I have to punish myself by continuously hitting my head against a brick wall. So instead of making my migraine worse I will just say this: If you think you don’t need a knitted tunic this winter you have gravely underestimated what you need in your winter wardrobe.


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