My favourite look for meetings has to be an ultra glowy, nude makeup look, that looks natural and polished. Think luxe shades of browns, taupe and rich gold paired with glowing bronze shades. To finish this look off I love to wear, in my opinion, one of the best nude lipstick and lip pencil combo on the market.


Today’s post is a little bit of a mish-mash of content, in that it’s part haul, part “new products I have been using and loving” and step-by-step guide. All these products work so well together alongside my usual favourites to create such an easy and wearable look.

I am a big fan of simple, yet effective makeup. I love being able to race out the door quickly, but also polished. I think all of us have our usual “look” down-pat to be able to get it done in a mere 15 minutes, but sometimes it’s nice to spend that little bit longer to give back to yourself.

I have been using this roundup just about every morning lately – not featured is my highlighter and mascara, but this is purely because I am still using the same one as this post so you won’t find it that exciting by now – ha!



I am very fond of lightweight and sheer bases – the complete opposite to what I loved back in high school, when it was all about full coverage. The amount of times I had a harsh orange line and bordered on on being able to join Oompa Loompa was far too many. Damn I must’ve been sexy with my overly plucked eyebrows and thick foundation. I now also favour effortless brows. I prefer to use products that create bold brows, as I love them to look a little fuller in a really natural way.

I have been using a mix of Rimmel Match Perfection and Mac Studio Light Weight – both great foundations. I used Studio Fix for years and years up until last year when I decided to mix things up a bit. I also have NARS Luminous Lightweight, but I find I can’t really use that when my skin is dry as it’s quite a matte finish.




  1. Cleanse and moisturise
  2. Apply a primer and then some luminizer on the high parts of your cheeks. You gotta glow, you know!
  3. Apply a thin layer of foundation. I always add more on my nose and cheeks – blending out. 14 Year Old Ally would not like this at all. Again, I am loving Mac Studio Lightweight Foundation or Rimmel Match Perfection.
  4. Then apply concealer under your eyes to hide 10000 lost hours of sleep.
  5. Brows up next. Please kill the word fleek. I love the Benefit Brow Gel from their new range. It takes a little bit to get used to, after having used a pencil for so long!
  6. In the above palette (Mac Amber Times Nine’ Eyeshadow Palette), apply the middle left shade to the lid, followed by the top left under your brow to highlight.
  7. Then use the Middle right shade on your crease, followed by the middle middle shade on your eye lid.
  8. Highlight your inner corner with the top middle shade.
  9. Apply mascara X 2 layers top and x 1 layer bottom
  10. Then pop some colour on your cheeks. I’ve still been using NARS blush.
  11. Highlight all the usual places – cheekbones, nose…
  12. Line your lips in MAC Whirl Lip liner & Swipe some MAC Velvet Teddy on your lips and you are as they say, good to go.



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Photos of me: JD HAYWARD

Photos of makeup: Ally Hayward

Author: Ally Carey

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  1. Lovely post, however the expression is “bordered on…” if you came very close to doing something (like being an orange Oompa Loompa, as you wrote).

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