We’re all different; We like different styles – that’s the great thing about fashion


If there is anything I have learned over the last few years it’s that personal style heavily relies on experimenting and defining over time. It’s not something that can be taught and tips can only take you so far.

For me, I am still learning what I love and if you look back at the evolution of my style it’s interesting to note what I have loved and what I have returned to over the years. I predominately wore denim, sneakers and t-shirts circa 2007 as a tomboy-ish teen, then I moved onto girlie dresses and wooden wedges. When I ran my vintage online store, I wore vintage everything. I now have returned to my first love: Denim.

This jacket is my go-to at the moment. It makes me feel badass. I have been wearing it from everything from dresses to jeans. There is nothing it doesn’t go with. Some would say I can’t pair it with certain things and to that I say; I make my own style rules. I trust my own intuition and run with it, and you should too.



Grlfrnd Denim Jacket, Senso boots, Dylan Kain Bag, Privacy Please Dress


Stay tuned for my next blog post: The Every Day Holiday Face



Author: Ally Carey

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2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Style Rules”

  1. Finding your own style is such a difficult topic…I admire those people that seem to have found their niche! Of course, your style evolves over time, but many people have their overall tendency. I often wonder whether I am on an endless journey here, haha!

    Lovely post
    xo Stefanie

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