Not a week goes by that I don’t somehow wear denim head to toe… This time though I am sharing 10 tips on how to appear taller just by wearing the right clothing.


I am 5’10” (177cm). When I meet people in real life they don’t expect me to be so tall. I guess it’s hard to gauge someone’s height based off photos on a blog or Instagram.

I have always been that awkward height compared to my friends. My best friends in late high school were twins and they were a lot shorter than me. Growing up I always felt like I stood out like a proverbial sore thumb and I was constantly plagued by a fear of not fitting in because of it. I was lanky and my subsequent awkwardness was obvious to everyone. Being different or feeling different isn’t cool when you’re at such a vulnerable age. All I wanted to do was to feel like I fit in.

When I left school something in my brain changed – I guess maturity for one. For once I realised it was up to me to make me feel good about myself. It didn’t matter what other people thought of me and as long as I was at ease with myself that’s all that mattered. I was faced with a choice: I could either continue to hate being tall or I could embrace it/ except it. So except is what I did. I still have moments every now and then when I get a little self conscious, but for the most part I love it! I mean, it’s great to be able to reach things on the top shelf at the supermarket and riding shotgun is a given based on the length of my legs. It was also great when I surpassed my two sister’s heights. It meant I didn’t have to wear their hand me downs – everything was far too short or barely skimmed my ankles. That’s when I went through my Roxy and Billabong stage. If it had a huge ass logo on it, I wore it (religiously). Subtlety was not a part of my vocabulary in 2004.



A few people have asked me recently how they can look taller and if there were any tricks they could use to give the magical illusion of height. I thought I would share some styling tips on how to elongate your body, just by wearing the right items.

Note: There is no good or bad height. Everyone is unique – it’s all about learning to work with what you have.


  1. A single color throughout your entire outfit is lengthening. Where all white, all neutral or all denim to create the illusion of longer legs and a longer torso. If you wear too many colours it can break up the body, making it appear shorter.
  2. The bigger the bag, the shorter and bulkier you look, so opt for a smaller cross-over body bag or clutch
  3. Flares are so flattering. Skinny jeans or in my case, a flared jumpsuit, with a distinct flare at the bottom create the illusion of a longer leg. To take it one step further, make sure your waist is cinched in or you tuck your top into the waist of your jeans.
  4. Choose heels that elongate your legs! So this means any shoes that have a low-cut vamp instantly elongate your leg. “Uh, what the hell is a Vamp, Ally“, I hear you say. The “vamp” is the front and center part of a shoe’s upper that covers the top of the foot. So stick to one that just covers your toes, like a these pump or these ones. Also: Ankle boots are not what you want to wear if you’re trying to elongate your legs.
  5. Vertical stripes are your best friend when it comes to elongating your body, but I am 100% sure your mum taught you that in Primary School. This also extends to anything with a vertical line also elongates you (trench coat, long lined blouse if the proportions are correct).
  6. When it comes to the lengths of dresses, skirts or shorts – either go super long or super short (let’s keep it classy though). Avoid calf-length and knee-lengths as this tends to make you look shorter.
  7. Jumpsuits in a block colour will also make you appear taller – see I look at least 8’2″ in today’s post, don’t I? Also: When it comes to jumpsuits you want to wear a tight fitting one as too much fabric will swallow you up. It’s a fine balancing act.
  8. If you’re shorter then steer clear of any head-to-toe prints as this will be too overwhelming on a smaller frame. This goes hand in hand with trick number 7.
  9. Rock a pair of platforms!
  10. Embrace high waisted pants, shorts and jeans! High waisted items give you “taller’ proportions. My favourite pair of pants are straight legged and high waisted.



Seed Heritage Jumpsuit



Author: Ally Carey

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