The sound of the rain outside has me more excited than ever for three days off. If the weather remains the same, I think I am in for a cruise-y time, which I welcome with arms wide open.

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It’s a long weekend here in Australia. Hell Yes. I guess being apart of a democracy has it’s perks once in a while. I think this is where I am meant to thank the Queen for having a birthday, or something. So, thanks, I guess.

I am loving my new Shakuhachi pieces and also this amazing candle by Enflamme Candles. Before I opened the package, I could smell it. So good.


1. The Scribble Project: Lisa Currie’s colourful blog holds a host of art from various artist who have joined in and scribbled away in their own unique style. If you’re in Melbourne, there is a big exhibition this month which runs through until June 28th. I wish I could make it, It would be amazing!

2. Green Tea and the fact it appears to boost memory by enhancing functional brain connectivity: I found this article really interesting, given I love drinking Green Tea. “Our findings suggest that green tea might increase the short-term synaptic plasticity of the brain,” Dr. Borgwardt said in a statement.

3. New Food Blog Appreciation: I love food and I love good photography. Even though 99% of the internet hates images of “what you’re eating”, I love it. I guess sometimes you just have to face the fact it’s too tasty to be in the majority, and minorities rule.

4. Uh, this editorial: It’s an absolute juxtaposition for today, which in itself is keeping me toasty warm.

5. Photographer & Styling Match made in sartorial heaven. Seriously: Stylist Marisa Sidoti and Photographer Sybil Steele are a dream team. The textured woolen pieces against the soft, romantic silhouettes are magical. And that hair! Ah.

6. My Current Playlist: Simultaneously playing Chvches, Violent Soho and Grimes. I love music and listen to it all day while working. What are some artist you love at the moment? Please share!!

7. New work for me: I have recently started blogging for MidCity Style Space in Sydney’s CBD! Come and check it out! So many great retailer’s, such as: Witchery, General Pants, Wittner, Bardot, Gstar Raw and more!

Have a great weekend!





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