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When it comes to a 90’s trend come-back, there is one that has seen a lot of mileage lately:  logo-centric clothing. All through 2017 and now, well into 2018, there has been the rise of logo-laden t-shirt, jackets and of course, sneakers. However, if bold clothing is too far away from your usual minimalist dressing, today I thought I would share how to wear the trend without the need for loud, shouty branding. There is a subtle way to introduce this key trend so you don’t run the risk of looking garish.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to wearing designer clothing emblazoned with logos, but I think it is best kept simple with a T-shirt, shoes or bag bearing their lettering. It doesn’t have to be in your face, because sometimes the subtle approach is far better.

Today, I play true to my musical influence and I paired an Elton John Gucci, read: GUCCY (TINY DANCER IS MY FAVOURITE SONG, LIKE EVER. IT’S THE BEST. KTHANKS.) t-shirt with plaid pants by Karen Walker, The Daily Edited Bag, Le Specs Glasses and Burberry kicks. The perfect mix between brands; because lets face it, it’s all about mixing, not wearing high-end, head to toe.

I paired the printed t-shirt with the plaid pants as I loved the clash of the prints, as well as the colours worked well together. For a laid-back, off-duty look, I chose sneakers over heels or brogues. I prefer a masculine approach when it comes to dressing, but you could interchange the sneakers with heels or swap the pants for a skirt easily.


SNEAKERS: Burberry Via Farfetch
T-SHIRT: Gucci Via Farfetch
PANTS: Karen Walker
BAG: The Daily Edited
Vintage Camera: Canon Sure Shot
Image: Arianne Witt from Lola Jaggar








Author: Ally Carey

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