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When it comes to a 90’s trend come-back, there is one that has seen a lot of mileage lately:¬† logo-centric clothing. All through 2017 and now, well into 2018, there has been the rise of logo-laden t-shirt, jackets and of course, sneakers. However, if bold clothing is too far away from your usual minimalist dressing, today I thought I would share how to wear the trend without the need for loud, shouty branding. There is a subtle way to introduce this key trend so you don’t run the risk of looking garish.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to wearing designer clothing¬†emblazoned with logos, but I think it is best kept simple with a T-shirt, shoes or bag bearing their lettering. It doesn’t have to be in your face, because sometimes the subtle approach is far better.

Today, I play true to my musical influence and I paired an Elton John Gucci, read: GUCCY (TINY DANCER IS MY FAVOURITE SONG, LIKE EVER. IT’S THE BEST. KTHANKS.) t-shirt with plaid pants by Karen Walker, The Daily Edited Bag, Le Specs Glasses and Burberry kicks. The perfect mix between brands; because lets face it, it’s all about mixing, not wearing high-end, head to toe.

I paired the printed t-shirt with the plaid pants as I loved the clash of the prints, as well as the colours worked well together. For a laid-back, off-duty look, I chose sneakers over heels or brogues. I prefer a masculine approach when it comes to dressing, but you could interchange the sneakers with heels or swap the pants for a skirt easily.


SNEAKERS: Burberry Via Farfetch
T-SHIRT: Gucci Via Farfetch
PANTS: Karen Walker
BAG: The Daily Edited
Vintage Camera: Canon Sure Shot
Image: Arianne Witt from Lola Jaggar








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