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We live in a generation where the internet and social media have taken over our real lives. As much as we think it hasn’t, it truly has. Social media and technology has definitely been changing the world in so many incredible ways, but at the same time it has dominated human beings – we’re all digitally obsessed.

I understand that me writing an article on social media use may come across a little ironic, but give me a second to explain. Even though I work in the industry, my views are probably not what you’d think. I’m not defined by my job, like you wouldn’t be yours. I don’t chase numbers. I would rather someone strike up an intelligent conversation with me, than writing “I love this outfit” or leaving a heart emoiji. I love human interaction and I enjoy hearing their opinions. I love people sharing things with SUBSTANCE.

It’s a scary thought, that we spend on average 2+ hours a day on various social media platforms. With that maths, I probably spend longer looking at food on Instagram than physically consuming it every day. I catch myself regularly scrolling aimlessly through Instagram, in fact, I have checked my phone four times while writing this article. I oftentimes wonder what I am actually gaining from this experience. Sure, you can count on Instagram for travel inspiration, perfectly plated meals or a picture of someone’s dog doing something completely adorable – but what are we learning from this? I know it’s meant to be quickly consumed, but I can’t help but feel a little bored at times and if I am spending at least 40-50 minutes a day / 7 hours a week on one thing, I want to at least be taking something away from it. Our time is too precious and too much of everything is always bad, especially if you don’t gain anything from it. I think it’s only healthy to take a step back every now and again and think about the ways you use social media. I think what we all need to remember at times is the internet is both productive and unproductive at the same time and it all depends on how we choose to use it. I have been trying to spend less time on the unproductive side of it, because I love immersing myself in rich content instead.

Today I thought I would share some links I have read over the last week – I hope you find them interesting. I think this is the beginning of a series I would love to start – sharing links of substance, in the hope that we can all consume something a little deeper and learn as a result.



Nine links to click…

This is my favourite site at the moment
All you have to do add your birthday and it shows you how the world has changed since you were born.

Intelligence is not fixed
There’s always room to learn – this article will help you become a little more proactive.

Flavorwire always have great book suggestions
Here’s what they’re suggesting for June.

I get so obsessed with the evolution of publications or catalogues
The evolution of the IKEA catalogue is seriously incredible.

Misconceptions about food? Read this.
If you think carbs make you fat, this is one for you to read…


I think this is so important
Handling negative feedback and learning why it is actually beneficial.

A very interesting article for creatives
Starving artists work for free; thriving artists—like professionals generally—know what they’re worth.

Why being busy isn’t the same as being productive
I am always on a quest to become more productive and this article has some great suggestions.

If your mind is as busy as mine has been, this article on meditation may help you
I’ve made a conscious effort to meditate lately and I have consistently meditated for three weeks now. It’s great holding yourself accountable and freeing your mind when you’re overwhelmed or stressed. An app that a friend suggested to me is called Headspace and it’s been so great.

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Author: Ally Carey

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3 thoughts on “#1: Links I Am Loving Instead Of Scrolling Instagram Aimlessly”

  1. Thank you for sharing these links! I ended up reading the one for creatives.

    I loved this bit: “But the decision to be taken seriously is yours alone. You set the tone for how people will treat you, which means you must believe your work is worth charging for.”

    This really opened my eyes. I always devalue my work because my friends and mutuals can’t afford it. I’m a people pleaser but with that, I give in and I don’t credit myself enough. And I’m realizing that now. It’s important to set the tone for myself, to set the standard. If people don’t want to purchase my art or services, that’s okay. I realized I suffer more when I devalue my work for the expense of making someone happy because they got it for cheap.

    Just thought I’d share my thoughts ~

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