Hey everybody! How’s your day been?


I don’t want to be a pessimist, but moving is so draining and it sucks. I have been packing all week and I feel like I have gotten nowhere.

What I do feel like I have done is come to the realisation of the following things:

  1. I have too many clothes. Gasp.
  2. I am a shoe hoarder (from way back). I have shoes in storage still (along with other “important things”, I put them there circa 2007. I have no idea why I stored shoes – what good are they there?
  3. I need to dust things way more often
  4. I am never prepared for a sentimental detour. I get distracted by sentimental things and then I look at my watch and three hours have passed.
  5. I write pretty long cards and I keep them all.
  6. We own a lot of computers, cameras, cords (they will be the death of me) and candles.
  7. You find a lot of missing socks when you move.
  8. It’s hard to pack your shoes and clothes up when you are moving house, because who knows what you’re going to want to wear in a weeks time.
  9. FACT: I shouldn’t hold on to clothes if I haven’t worn them in a year.
  10. Some shit is just too ridiculous to engage; like moving. Let’s never move again.

On the flipside our new house is sick and it is right on the beach, so I am excited about that! So just a heads up, prepare yourself for an influx of “this is my new house” photos on Instagram.






What I Am Wearing Today [#WIWT]:

Lilyhart Shorts, Cotton On Tee, Sunday Somewhere Smooth hat, DIY Space clutch, I.M Sneakers.

Images: Jonathan

Author: Ally Carey

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7 thoughts on “‘Cause it doesn’t happen every day”

    1. Thanks so much, Sadrine! Ah, lucky you! I said to Jonathan I think I only have one more time in me! Haha. Thanks for reading! X

  1. Ahh I can relate to every single point on this list. Especially the dusting one haha. You’d think someone would have invented something that just makes dust disappear by now, without any effort? I mean if they can have a robot vacuum cleaner…

    All the best with the move anyway! xx

    1. Hey Miss Soph, It’s so bad, huh! You think you’re the cleanest, ever, and then you move a piece of furniture and there is an entire community of dust mites there. Thanks for reading Soph! X

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