We spent Saturday exploring, laughing, getting plans mixed up and getting locations mixed up for a catch up with friends, but sometimes that’s where the best things happen. It turned into a delightful adventure and a great memory.


I can’t believe it has taken me almost 10 years to get back to Luna Park. It’s one of those places that is right under your own nose, yet never think to go to. The last time I was there I was on an SRC excursion. We had SRC meetings at the Sydney Convention Centre for a couple of days in late 2004 and in our downtime we got to go to Luna Park. I really don’t remember too much about the excursion except the day we went to Luna Park, from fourteen year old me perspective was “the worst day of my life”.

I received a text message from my mum saying “We’re moving back to Narooma in six weeks time“. I was absolutely horrified. I just kept texting back “you’re kidding me, right?” to every message she wrote in hope it was a big joke. To think I had to uproot my entire life and make new friends after having established solid friendships throughout my early teens was the worst thing a fourteen year old girl could dream of. I still remember breaking into tears on the roller coaster and for a solid six weeks after.


23 year old me (24 in 10 days time) now looks back at Luna Park as the starting point of what would be a great journey. I am so thankful that my parents made the decision that day to move back to Narooma. So many great, life long friendships where made, so many fun experiences and adventures we had and of course I would not have met Jonathan if we didn’t move back.


I believe everything happens for a reason. It just goes to show that something may seem like the worst situation, but everything will work out in the end if you chose to take it in your stride.


I hope you are all having a great weekend and enjoying the company of great pal, lovers and family.

PS: It was a total coincidence that Luna Park and I wore the same colour Model Co Lipstick today.



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