I am obsessed white anything white and black at the moment. I told this two piece by Keepsake it was my favourite two pieces in my wardrobe to date today.


Sometimes I can wear a white shirt / shorts almost three times before my clumsy hand ruins it with some kind of stains. All I need is one more coffee or to wear this tonight as I eat my spaghetti bolognese and this outfit will be on it’s way to the dry cleaner. Actually I can’t even think of the last time I took something to the dry cleaner. I actually despise going there – so much so I washed my leather jacket in the washing machine in November.

*Gasp and the sound of dedicated fashion lovers everywhere fainting at the thought of a leather jacket going in to a normal, household washing machine*

Don’t panic, it survived and I don’t have to spend eternity cursing myself and my decision.


Autumn dressing for me usually means clean cut, fresh feminine pieces mixed back with statement shoes, darker lip and tote bags. I told this two piece by Keepsake it was my favourite two pieces in my wardrobe to date today. If given the chance I’m sure it would be yours too.


On another note: The wind is my hairstylist today. Though It’s the kind of hairstylist which throws more salt in your game than doing any good.



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Keepsake The Label Top, Keepsake The Label Shorts, River Island Shoes, Nine West Bag


Jonathan Hayward – My talented Fiancé…


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