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I love giving you things and I love giving away product that I adore. Now that it is really cold and Winter has well and truly set in, I thought it would be cool to giveaway four (4) items from my favourite stockings, tights and bodysuit brand Voohoo. I have worn their stockings for years – Mum always bought them for my school uniform and because of their premium quality, I have been loyal ever since.


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3. Leave a comment on this blog post to let me know you have entered.

sydney fashion

I wear this Voodoo bodysuit with all my favourite jeans. I love that you don’t have to keep adjusting yourself, like you do in a tee and jeans sometimes. I adore the low back ( I am a sucker for low backs just ask my wedding dress designer, Steph). I’m off to the mountains this weekend so I will be packing this for extra warmth, otherwise I will die of frostbite.

Ah, can’t wait for a roadtrip!!

The tights from Voodoo are great for working out, as well as wearing every day – with a longer style top, boots and leather jacket! Or no jacket as per my images – Ha!

sydney fashion

I hope you have all had an incredible day! Sending lots of smiles your way! It’s nice to be feeling better and feeling positively great!

Good luck with my giveaway! Entries close on the 22nd July, so get entering!

sydney fashion


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  1. Just entered it. Many thanks for this giveaway Ally,not to mention all your fitness,styling and health tips. “Accio” spell isn’t enough to have all those goodies by Voodoo? ๐Ÿ˜›

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