I am beyond excited to share something we worked on in March…It’s been hard to stay quiet until now!


Introducing Substance X Jets Swimwear Campaign 2015/2016

Earlier in the year I posted this sneak peek. Well, we’re ready to show you more!

The heat was something else on Hamilton Island / The Whitsundays. I can still remember how sweaty I was shooting these images, but when you’re trying to get work done / power through a 14 hour day you somehow forget it’s actually mid 30’s, with high humidity.

Looking back at these has me nostalgic. It’s a gentle nudge reminding me that I need a holiday asap. Somewhere I can wear a bikini, please!

We shot these at a breathtaking location, which boasted panoramic views of Hamilton Island for as far as the eye could see. We shot over 5 days in March, and now it is time to start releasing the goodness. I am so proud of what JD and I produced! The house was next level!! But more about the location when I release some more images in the weeks to come.

Today I thought I would share this incredible one piece, alongside a video JD and I shot in-between our still Jets X Substance Campaign. It truly highlights the beauty of Hamilton, the heat, the atmosphere and my 7 favourite bikini’s you’ll need this Summer. There is a great mix of style, print and textures and these are the type that I love to wear.

Be sure to watch on – it’s a must see.





Author: Ally Carey

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