When I hit around 18 years old shaving became such a chore to the point I just couldn’t wait for winter to arrive, and by the time winter finished and I got around to shaving again I could’ve donated my leg hair to Locks Of Love. When it comes to hair removal I am willing to try anything…


I still remember the first time I shaved my legs. I was in grade 2 and I picked up my sister’s razor in the shower. It seemed like a really fancy razor to me – it was aqua, the handle had a rubber underside and it just looked like it would be fun to use. I had never watched my sister shave her legs, but I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to do. I kept this a secret from my sister and the rest of my family for at least a fortnight, but then to my huge embarrassment (I still don’t know why I was this embarrassed) during a game of some sort while visiting my grandma, my sister touched my leg and then told my brother “Budha (as I am known to my family) shaved her legs”. Budha was soon replaced by Spike for a good year after that. It never got old.

The next time I picked up a razor was then around year five. I was always an early bloomer with make-up and things like that. I wasn’t a girly girl, but things that I knew I wasn’t meant to be using fascinated me.

By year seven (high school in Australia) I was allowed to shave my legs. Puberty had probably set in and I probably then pressured my mum into letting me finally shave. I think she was reluctant initially, but that was probably more because she didn’t want her youngest daughter to be all grown up. It was such a novelty and because everyone was doing it, it was a hot topic of conversation. “What razor do you use?”, “Do you use shaving cream?” etc, etc. My friends who waxed were almost alien. At the time the thought of having to grow your leg hairs to be long enough to wax again seemed so embarrassing, so as an awkward 12-13 year old, desperate to fit in, I stuck with shaving.

When I hit around 18 years old shaving became such a chore to the point I just couldn’t wait for winter to arrive, and by the time winter finished and I got around to shaving again I could’ve donated my leg hair to Locks Of Love. Isn’t it funny we just can’t wait to shave and then when we’ve done it for a while we’re all like “Eh, it’s all good, I’ll just wear pants for the next month”. (read: for eternity). #Chewbaccaforlife


Body hair and it’s removal is an incredibly personal decision and it’s also an unavoidably political topic, since its presence is natural and its removal is tied to socially reinforced beauty ideals. Hair removal isn’t for everyone, but I like doing, so I always like to know of new ways to get rid of it. The thing I hate about shaving is you do it in the morning and then by mid-afternoon you can already feel the spikes come back in. I know I’m not alone with this because it’s a common complaint among my friends. I hate this with underarm hair too – more so than legs. This is where laser hair removal comes in. #bowdown

I started laser hair removal roughly four months ago – I just had to try it. So today I thought I would share my thoughts on it this far.


Full legs and underarms and upper lip.


So far I would describe it as an investment in freedom, purely because even though I have only had four treatments on my legs and underarms it has made a HUGE difference in my regrowth. I still need to shave, but only about once a week for legs, which is a huge improvement from the daily shave I was doing before treatment. I’ve noticed that I need to shave around my knees and ankles more than my legs, this is because the hairs there are fine and it’s harder for the laser to penetrate them. Since laser my leg hairs are a lot thinner and finer and patchy. I would say that over 60% of my leg hairs haven’t grown back in.

My underarms are my favourite results. I noticed a massive difference just after one session. The problem I had with my underarm hair was that I have fair skin, but dark hair, so even after I would shave you would still see the hair under the skin. After the first session, I had a lot of hair fall out and when this happened you couldn’t see the hair under the skin! I now shave roughly twice a month – but there is little to no hair there. I have noticed over the last week or so that there are a few more hairs under there than last month, but I am due for session five soon (yet to book it in), so maybe that has something to do with it.


I didn’t find the first two sessions painful for legs and underarms, but the third hurt a little bit, less than waxing though so it is very bearable. But if you’re looking at getting it done, keep an open mind. I have a high pain tolerance I think – I didn’t find getting my septum pierced hurt, but I know of people that found it very painful! If I had to put a number on it I would say a I would say the pain level here is like a 4/10.


All up I am in and out within 10-15 minutes. My underarms take roughly 1 minute and the rest of the time is my legs (full legs).


When I first heard about laser  I was living on the GC it was roughly $140 per session for a Brazilian laser hair removal then. Right now where I go (Laser Clinics Australia) they have an offer of their “Free To Be Me” Female Brazilian & Underarms – $39 per session. It’s so affordable now and trust me, it is WELL worth it. Three of my friends currently are getting laser to and when we get together we compare – haha.

I think everywhere is pretty comparable now due to competition, so it’s a lot cheaper than when it first came out!

My tips: Look out for package deals!


I have picked the brain of my technician and she has said results differ widely from person to person. Lasers work best on people with pale skin and dark hair (like me!), but these days there are even options for women with darker skin and light hair. Keep in mind dark skin may require 2-3 more sessions. The thicker your hair the easier it is to remove!


From what I can tell and the advice I have been given you will probably need a top up. A make-up artist friend of mine has had it done since 2010 and goes back once every year or so. This differs between person and your hair type. You may never need a top up, or you may need one every year!


I got mine done at Laser Clinics Australia. (Macquarie St clinic)


All in all I am extremely happy to have started laser hair removal – it was so convenient while I was on holidays recently, so yes, I definitely think it has been worth it. It’s always been a dream of to be able to chuck on shorts or a dress without having to worry about quickly shaving my legs before I head out the door and thank god shaving rash is a thing of the past!!

I will keep updating about these areas, so will update this blog post article in a couple of months. But I have a few other areas I would love to do too: Arms, stomach – basically everywhere. I have light skin and dark brown hair so I have always been fairly self conscious of my hair.

Wearing: Calvin Klein set from Style Runner


Author: Ally Carey

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5 thoughts on “Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?”

  1. I just recently started getting laser too. I had my underarms and bikini done. I noticed a massive reduction in my underarms after the first session. I went from shaving every day or 2 to shaving once a week. As for the bikini, i saw a reduction there too, not as impressive as the underarm but still very noticeable. I just had my second session done today and I am planning on getting my full legs done once the weather gets cooler. As for the pain? I felt it wasn’t painful at all. At the most a bit of heat and a sting in more sensitive spots, though no worse than the feel of getting a single hair plucked.

  2. I loved this post! I’ve also recently started getting laser and love the results. I am considering doing upper lip now. Can you let us know more about those results in your next update?

  3. Yaaaasss! I have done 6 sessions for my underarms and brazilian.. Definitely hurt down there more after the third and fourth time.. (I think they might have turned up the machine?). I hardly ever shave my underarms and the hair that does grow on my bikini is so fine, it can be exfoliated off!

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