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3 Ways To Wear Linen This Summer

The fabric undergoing something of a fashion renaissance. Cue portable iron.


When I was younger my mother used to rave about linen. She loves how breathable it is and that it was all natural. She also loves how it ages, which in direct contrast to cotton, it actually gets better with each wash. It would be her go to fabric for summer and she would wear it across so many different pieces. She had an array of linen shirts, pants and skirts, but at that age I never really understood her obsession. Fabric was fabric to me and I just wore whatever was trending at a fast fashion shop (Read: probably body-con dresses from a little shop beginning with S and ending in upré in every colour). However, fast forward 12 years and I am now following in her footsteps and any chance I get I buy this polarising material, I do, because as far as summer fabrics go, linen really can not be topped.

It should also be noted that even though I love linen for it’s lightweight, highly absorbent features, my one hang up is the fact it creases as soon as you put it on. I don’t know how the Mediterranean’s make it look so sophisticated all the damn time. I feel like I need to carry around a portable steamer at all times.


What feels more feminine than a white linen dress and necktie?

Stockholm-based designer Acne Studios have some amazing brightly coloured linen pieces in their current collection. Or you could opt for laid back, cropped pants or black overalls. I am a big fan of the wrap dresses this season, as they are super simple, yet sophisticated.

No matter what you choose, you will definitely get a lot of wear out of it this summer, because linen is so timeless, as are the silhouettes this season.


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  1. Wear a linen dress paired with sneakers for a masculine meets feminine look
  2. A crisp linen shirt and culottes is the perfect off-duty look this season
  3. Denim is the perfect counter part to a linen ensemble. They are a match made in heaven, so pair with jeans or cutoffs.


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2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Wear Linen This Summer”

  1. Yes linen is one of my favourite fabrics too. I have a bit of an obsession with wearing linen button down shirts and would love to add some more dresses to my collection. It is frustrating about the creases but I think, on the other hand it is forgiven easily.
    xx Jenelle

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