Ok guys, besides the fact that I should’ve ironed my pants before I wore this outfit out, how amazingly simple is this look? I was just about to write an excuse like “I was sitting all day at my desk“, which is, in fact, true, but the real reason is that I was just oblivious to the deep creases.


I have come to realise there is nothing boring about simplicity. I used to think when I styled things in a minimalist way that it didn’t have much of an impact, and quite often I felt under dressed. I know reach for minimalist pieces every day – pieces that are strong together as well as being amazing stand alone pieces.

I was headed to a meeting the day of shooting this (post sitting editing at my desk), so of course I went for all grey, because I have somewhat of an obsession with it lately. #MoreGreyPleasssssse


  1. WEAR GREY ON GREY: I opted for some tailored pants. The cut of a pant leg is a detail that often gets overlooked but it can make all the difference in your silhouette!Everyone has different shaped bodies and different cuts work for different people. The key is to find that sweet spot to flatter your legs and height. Find the place on your leg where the calf starts to taper and keep your cropped pants close to that length . It’s less likely to shorten you and it will be much more flattering.
  2. CONTRAST: I love the contrast of feminine with masculine – you know that! So I love pants and heels together, just like I love skirts and sneakers! Heels and pants also are a lot more flattering to your legs.
  3. BALANCE: A fitted jumper or top counteracts the voluminous style of a wide leg trouser. #balance
  4. MIX TEXTURES: Knitwear with cotton, knitwear and denim etc.
  5. COLOUR MATTERS: The hue of grey really matters! Some greys will wash you right out. Fair skin: choosing a shade of grey in the middle of the spectrum like what I am wearing too light and too dark will wash you out, Medium skin: you can wear both cool and warm shades of grey, Olive skin: you can pull off light, medium and darker shades of grey, Dark skin: you can pull off light, medium and darker shades of grey
  6. BREAK IT UP: If wearing grey, head-to-toe is a bit much for you, break it up with white, black, navy, camel or dusty pink.



Culottes, Shoes, Jumper



Author: Ally Carey

Hi, I am Ally, a writer and creative at Substance. I have worked in the fashion industry for 6+ years as a model and now on Substance. Substance is a lifestyle blog about fashion, beauty, health and self-improvement; hoping to inspire you to live a life filled with Substance. For more: @AllyMayCarey

10 thoughts on “How To Wear Grey This Season: 6 Styling Tips”

      1. Hi Ally, I’m in search for the perfect basic tee. I’ve had several in the past that have worn quite quickly and have changed shape. I’m wanting to invest a little more into my basic tees in the hope for better longevity. But I haven’t found the one yet. Just wondering if you have a post on this topic or have any advice. Thank you,
        Shannon x

        1. Hey Shannon, Thanks so much for reading!

          A few t-shirt brands I love and that keep shape are: Kit & Ace (super soft and around $100) and Assembly Label (I have a striped one and plain white one). They’re great quality and around the $49.95 price. I hope this helps!


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