Waking early is the worst, right? This week I have so many early starts and it’s only Wednesday – so that’s, uh, three early starts I guess. To clarify, I am not a morning person. At all. I love late nights – I’m a veritable night owl.


I work from home so my day usually means I wake at 7:50 – 8am, have breakfast, head to the gym, complain about the gym, back home by 10am and then work from 10am – 6pm – sometimes later, depending on what I am working on or writing or what meetings or shoots I have on that day. My days vary a lot!

When I have an early morning (read: 6:30am) I fight the alarm. In fact I am this person.

When I wake early I often only have 20 minutes to shower, eat/drink coffee, get ready and out the door and that’s a damn mission. If I could kill two birds with the one stone and just shower in coffee that would be ideal. I have left the house countless times with remnants of toothpaste in the corners of my mouth, which I guess is better than stale morning breath. I once left the house with a shirt inside out, only to be pointed out by an old lady #fashun. I wasn’t sure whether to thank her or to immediately begin strangling her. I now realise 20 minutes is not sufficient time for me, in fact, this should not be enough time for anyone and if it is…actually scratch that. If it takes you less than 20 minutes to get ready you’re a dirty liar. Jokes. Kudos to you.

I hate feeling rushed.

We all know the feeling. These kind of mornings suck. Constant rush is not a great way to begin the day and by the time you’re at work or where you need to be you’re in such a frazzled state of mind and not a very positive head space.

Why do we do this to ourselves when we can just change a few simple things and make life easier?

I could definitely stand to develop a better morning routine so I thought I would share some of the strategies I have started to use to get the most out of my mornings. I honestly feel so positive and clear having started earlier than usual this week.

  1. Leave your phone by your bedroom door: I have been doing this for roughly three months now. JD asked me “why do you do you leave your phone there, you can leave it by my side if you like?”. Luckily our powerpoints are in odd spots in our bedroom and I don’t have one by my side of the bed, so I am forced to leave mine by the door, but I actually prefer it now. I have to physically get up to switch my alarm off Also: I am a massive phone user in bed so now that it is by my door my screen time at night can’t happen and now I fall asleep faster without distractions.
  2. Avoid checking your phone until after breakfast: I know this is SUPER hard of a morning. But, hear me out. If you get up and begin your day by checking emails, reading news sites etc, hold off until after breakfast. Half an hour won’t kill you. It’s nice to begin the day with no technology and switched off for a few more moments.
  3. Don’t waste your most productive hours: I’ve been working for myself for three years now and I have found that how I spend my time really affects my work flow throughout my day. If I spend my most productive hours on mundane tasks like: emails, admin etc, then I am burnt out creatively and physically by lunch. My suggestion to you is get the most important tasks done while your brain is fresh in the morning, leave the other things to the afternoon. The worst thing is getting to the end of the day with a really important task undone, and running out of time or stamina.
  4. Choose your outfit the night before: Sometimes this is hard because you can’t predict your mood or weather, but if you have a busy morning / early start try opting for an outfit that works every single time. For me I have a black jumpsuit I got from asos last year and every time I wear it I feel confident and people always ask me where it’s from. It’s nothing amazing, I guess, but it works in time poor situations. It’s basically the god of all jumpsuits. You can dress it up or down and wear it in almost any situation, but probably not something like, say, The Oscars, but they’ve snubbed me for the past, oh, 25 years, so to hell with them.

With a little willpower and a few changes you can really change your mindset and that’s coming from someone who is publicly declaring they hate mornings.

Got any great tips? Do share!



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Author: Ally Carey

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1 thought on “How To Wake Up Feeling Confident, Energised & Productive”

  1. Really love this article Ally! And i can totally resonate with so many parts of it.
    Love the idea of doing important tasks first thing in the morning.
    And going to start putting my phone at my door starting tomorrow!!
    Thank you xx

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