You can pretty much never go wrong pairing neutrals with neutrals. The reason why I love wearing neutral is because they can make your outfit look something much more high end. The key? Clean cut styles in natural fabrics… But there are eight other tips I live by.


I used to think neutral tones were so basic. It reminded me a lot of business and it just didn’t seem to push any boundaries. Some may still think this, and some may think it’s a lazy way of dressing, but I think it looks effortless and polished.

Neutrals: beige, navy, grey, cream, white

Today’s post is a short guide how you too can style neutrals. Trust me, neutral doesn’t have to look boring or uneventful.

By the time you finish reading this post you will think neutrals are polished, elegant, effortless, classic and casual chic.


  1. The beauty of neutrals is that they will always look good together. So be sure to mix and match
  2. Because colour isn’t the outfit focus make sure you play with different textures
  3. Neutrals are the easiest way to create a cohesive look, so pare them back with variations of the one shade to create a dynamic look.
  4. Add a pop of colour with accessories if you want to elevate your outfit, or if you feel like your outfit needs a little bit of colour.
  5. Layer, layer, layer!!
  6. Allow yourself one signature color to liven up your neutrals when the mood strikes you – so this may be a jacket or a shirt pared with neutral shorts, jacket etc
  7. My favourite neutral looks are matching tops and bottoms and it means minimal effort.
  8. Add contrast to a beige/ cream based outfit by using black shoes and bag as the anchor pieces



Camilla and Marc T-shirt, Finders Keepers Jacket and Shorts, Wittner Boots

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