It’s interesting that even though you may prepare fastidiously in the weeks leading up to a trip you can still feel completely unprepared. You will inevitably have loose ends to tie up or you will think of the last-minute items you don’t have and need to buy.

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If you’re a regular visitor to Substance, you may know that JD and I have been traveling locally this past several months in anticipation of our trip to the United States. Well, our wait is finally at an end and we leave TODAY, but by the time I publish this after my mini-break I’ve probably already eaten my weight in burgers, traveled thousands of miles – in fact, I may even be home! We’ll be gone for a month, so here is my apology in advance for the influx of cliché travel updates and photos. EDIT: WE ARE BACK!

With our final three days in Sydney, JD and I needed to make some final-hour preparations in and around the CBD, so I thought being based in the city would make life a little easier for us. We’ve covered so much ground lately, that I really just wanted to park our car and walk or Uber to where we needed to go. With that, last weekend JD and I found ourselves staying at the Meriton Serviced Apartments on Liverpool St, Sydney – a decision based around its central location. This was my third time staying there in four years and it was so nice to share a place with my husband that I have created some amazing memories that I’ll share with you:




Four years ago, JD and I were living in Queensland. In October of that year (2012), my now sister-in-law Bec was getting married and her best friend and sisters organised her Hen’s weekend in Sydney. We had such a jam-packed weekend: cake decoration, too many champagnes, typical hens games and dinner at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant which was within a walk-able distance.

For Bec’s hens, there was a few of us of us – so we had to get 2 places to accommodate all of us. We stayed in two three bedroom units and it was the perfect size for a large group, as well as having a kitchen we could all use to prepare food and drinks in. The view was absolutely breathtaking – we looked out towards the airport and Botany Bay, a view you don’t often get to experience in Sydney.


Fast forward two years to when I had then moved back to NSW and a friend from High School was getting married. Coincidentally, she chose to celebrate in Sydney and we once again found ourselves staying at the Meriton Serviced Apartments on Liverpool St, Sydney. This time we had a smaller group, so stayed in a smaller room, but it still had an incredible view of Sydney and was the ideal size for our group. I love being able to get comfortable in a hotel room and make myself at home – a kitchen and large lounge room really helps with that!



We arrived at Friday lunchtime, having just driven down from The Blue Mountains. I can not tell you how good it was to be able to park our car — we have had a constantly full car the last several months so parking was a 100% must.

On Saturday we got up early and it was raining, so we did a quick workout at the Meriton Serviced Apartments gym and then went to try a new health food cafe in The Rocks. I felt like I needed a dose of freshness ahead of the USA. We basically spent the rest of the rainy Saturday doing all of our favourite Sydney things: a visit to the Museum Of Contemporary Art, shop and wander the streets people watching. We also tried Graze – an amazing restaurant at the MCA – for the first time. We wouldn’t normally treat ourselves to such an incredible feast in the day but because of the rain it was the perfect setting, looking out onto the rain-drenched harbourside.

When Sunday rolled around I was dreading check out – it meant we had to finish up final projects, finalise any emails and finally pack everything for America. I am not a very good packer. I stress so much! Again, we arose early and had a swim and used the gym (because how could you not take advantage of swimming on the 61st floor of a hotel with a view of the city?) #breathtaking I don’t think I realised these amenities were there during my previous stays, purely because I love making use of the gym and pool areas – it makes me feel like I am in my usual routine. Stay tuned to next weeks blog post about how to maintain a routine when traveling and why it is so important




I thought I would now update you on my list of must try places to eat in Sydney as I haven’t in a couple of months:


Some of these you may have already tried or if you’re an international reader, you should definitely try these next time you’re in Sydney.

Kensington St Social (3 Kensington St, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia): I love this place so much. They do really yummy everything and the fit out is beautiful!

Graze (140 George St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia): Graze overlooks Sydney Harbour, so its the perfect place to soak in the Spring sun and people watch. We ordered seafood, seafood and more seafood. It’s super fresh!

Lotus (500 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia): All I can say is dumplings. We ordered dumplings, and a main to share!

Fine Food Store (Cnr Kendall & Mill Lane The Rocks, Sydney 2000): I am so glad I discovered this place – all the food is so healthy and fresh. I can’t wait to go back when I return to Sydney. I ordered fruit salad and JD got eggs. Their cold brew coffee is divine!



* A big thank you to Meriton and AMEX for hosting JD and I before our USA trip!

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  1. Absolutely stunning photography as always, it sounds like you had a wonderful time in Sydney and I’m very jealous that you’ve been lucky enough to visit so many times! The place you stayed in/places you visited also sound very lovely and if I ever get the chance to go I’ll be sure to remember this post! I really enjoyed the read 🙂

    Gemma X

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