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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I was recently in Sweden. I flew into Stockholm in November and I also visited Are in the north. The first thing I realised about Stockholm is the daylight, or there lack of at this time of year. During winter it is only light for 6 hours a day, in comparison to their summers which can be up to 18 hours a day. Lack of daylight coupled with hefty jetlag, made me feel absolutely exhausted for the first few days of being there. After experiencing my first trip with little light, I can definitely see why seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a thing!

What I really loved about the city was how walkable and clean it is. All the little islands and inlets made me feel right at home, given Sydney and where I grew up on the far South Coast are by the water. If the winters weren’t so intense, I even think I could live there; the historical charm just had me sold.


Whilst we were there it was overcast and raining most days. We did however get one full day of sunshine and it was glorious!

• The months June, July and August have a nice average temperature.
• Cold season / winter is in the months January and February.
• On average, the warmest month is July.
• On average, the coolest month is January.
• The average annual maximum temperature is: 10.0° Celsius (50° Fahrenheit)
• The average annual minimum temperature is: 2.0° Celsius (35.6° Fahrenheit)


For the first couple of days we stayed on an old boat in the harbour. It was definitely an experience. It was miserable out, but then the boat was so cosy and authentic.

After staying on the boat we stayed at Burns which is a restaurant, hotel and bar. The building itself is beautiful, however I would NOT recommend staying there. It is so overpriced for the size and if you don’t get a good room then you will hear the sound of the bar downstairs (night depending). The reason why we chose to stay there is because of the proximity to the main centre of town. It was very convenient location wise.


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Where do I even begin?

Stockholm has amazing food and a great nightlife. With the help of Alex, we compiled a little list of the best places and the places I went to!

Breakfast: Gretas, Greasy Spoon, STHLM Brunch Club

Bars: Sophie’s at Bank Hotel, Tjalans, bar at Videgård Restaurant (where we had japanese inspired cocktails), you were also at Taverna Brillo

Restaurants: we were at Vassa Eggen (great steak house and espresso martinis), Tako great Japanese restaurant with a good bar, sturehof is a fancy restaurant that has a good bar and a club/bar called Obaren. Serves great selection of seafood, Mister French a great and trendy restaurant and bar that have awesome day parties in the summer and DJs on the weekend. French style food with inclusion of other international dishes as well. Known for their fresh seafood.

A couple more: Then we have Nybrogatan 38 – amazing neighborhood restaurant. Elverket a down to earth bistro style restaurant that offers traditional Swedish and French dishes

Kommendoren also a nice neighbourhood restaurant with a nice bar and great selection of food including the awesome lobster taco


Södermalm, Vasastan, SoFo & Medborgarplatsen and of course old town Gamla Stan & Riddarholmen


There is so many things to do in Stockholm, you will never get bored!

– Stroll through old town and see the historical side of Stockholm
– Vasa Muesum
– Explore Södermalm
– Go to one of the best museums in Stockholm – Fotografiska. It is a modern photography museum.
– Head to  Östermalm where you’ll find all the high-end stores

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Walk! Seriously, you see so much more than if you get an Uber.

Uber is available and so are taxis, but you have to be careful with catching taxi’s there. For such a cool, forward city, its crazy that the taxi system is so corrupt! It is such a rip-off as the fares aren’t regulated like Sydney, London or New York and it’s hard because the private taxis look identical to the “regular” taxis. I found it super confusing at times as many of these private taxis use names and logos similar to the big three companies.
The other AMAZING thing were the electric scooters! You just download an app, scan the QR code and then away you go! They actually are so fun and we used them every day! They are call Vois – kind of like the Parisian Birds.

All I can say at this time of year: LOTS OF WARM THINGS.
Stockholm is one of the most stylish cities, ever, so make sure you pack some smart casual pieces. Everyone is dressed super well during the day and night.


Make sure you check what airport you’re flying in and out of! We nearly made the mistake of going to the wrong one when we were leaving. It was not Arlanda! It’s another one about an hour and a half from Stockholm – not very convenient when you realise right at the last minute! WHOOPS!


– The name Stockholm comes from the words stock meaning “log” and holm meaning “islet.”
– Stockholm was built on 14 islands, connected by 57 bridges, earning the Swedish capital the nickname “Beauty on the Water.”
– Stockholm’s Old Town, or Gamla Stan, remains one of the best preserved historic districts in Europe—partially due to the fact that its cobblestone streets are reserved for pedestrians only.
– In 1628, the great Vasa warship, which took three years to build, sunk in the Stockholm harbor after sailing barely 4200 feet. It took a whopping 333 years to salvage the remains. Today the iconic ship stands in its own equally striking 134,979-square-foot museum, which features 55 outer wall corners.
– The Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, medicine and literature have been awarded in Stockholm every year since 1901 on December 10, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. Why? The Swedish-born inventor requested so in his will. As for the Nobel Peace Prize? That honor is bestowed in another Scandinavian capital: Oslo.
– The city is located on Sweden’s east coast
– The population of Stockholm is about 950,000 people

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