Instagram is a funny place. I have been asked anything from where I bought my breakfast to how I groom my brows – the latter isn’t that big of a secret…

There isn’t any other way around it – full, dark eyebrows are one of 2013’s hottest beauty trends.

I used to love using an eyebrow pencil and gel. In recent months I have been converted to the powder and wax combo. Why? In simple form it is just easier to work from one palette and I think the results achieved are much softer, natural brows – à la Cara Delevingne.



I am all for offering information on how to achieve well-maintained brows, because I hate seeing badly groomed ones (they’re up there with chipped nail polish, bad hair dye jobs and horrendous faux tan). So without further ado: my favourite product is this little trio custom powder palette by Model Co.

The how to and all you need to know is below:

One: Firstly, I don’t get my eyebrows groomed professionally. I chose to let mine grow out about four years ago now for modeling. It was the best decision my agent made for me at the time. I was a chronic over plucker when I was a teen. Those photos have been burned now. So if you sound like me circa 2009, step away from your tweezers.

Two: Start off by combing your brows into shape with the brow brush. It’ll make it easier to determine the shape of your brows. Also, brush the majority of your hairs UP. Not down like so many make-up artists have done to mine in the past. It looks silly and your brows will automatically look -10mm thinner if you do.

Three: Use the angled brush and the eyebrow wax to outline the contours of your eyebrows. Yes. Wax first. This amazed me the first time I ever got my eyebrows filled in at Myer. I was like, “Uh, doesn’t the wax set the powder!?”. I personally do small strokes, instead of one large one.

Four: You’re one step away from eyebrow greatness. Your contours should now be nicely defined and all those silly bald spots should be filled in – it’s now time to set the wax and then add the finishing touches. Apply the eyebrow powder (I mix the medium and dark together) using the angled brush head. Tip: Make sure the powder doesn’t just sit on top of the hairs. You want it to get between them. This gives the nicest and fullest result.

How do you fill your brows? Let me know in the comments if you’re a pencil or powder user!


Author: Ally Carey

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  1. I filled in my eyebrows myself for the first time the other day with an eyebrow pencil. I actually scared myself when I looked in the mirror because I looked RIDICULOUS! Does it just take some getting used to, or should you never be scared by your own reflection hahaha?

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