It wasn’t until I went through albums at my parents house (read: became traumatised by the brows of my youth) that I realized I was an over-plucker.


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Gosh I have had some shockers. #eyebrowsanonymous

I was an overzealous teenager who loved nothing more than discovering ways to groom or to wear makeup. I first shaved my legs at 9 and then my arms later that year. I guess my two older sisters failed to educate me on beauty prep and grooming.

Today I thought I would share my secrets to growing mine out – yes it can be a tedious slog, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Before I get started: I just wanted to say I don’t think there’s anything wrong with thin brows. Also: not everyone suits thick, naturally full brows and I know so many people who are extremely happy with thinner brows or perfectly groomed brows – this is just showing you that brows can grow back.

I also am doing a round up of products I love and some I dislike too. Trust me, I have tried basically everything on the market because I love brows. I could easily leave the house with no other makeup other than just my brows filled in!




MAC BIG BROW PENCILS: I love this for when you’re just wanting a natural looking brow and it’s so simple to use.

BENEFIT GEL: I haven’t quite mastered this one yet. I don’t know why.

BENEFIT GIMME BROW: I don’t like this on it’s own, but I like using this to set my brows if I have used powder.


BROW POWDER: This is what I have been using predominately lately. I just really like a bolder brow at the moment and I seem to be able to use this the best!

ANASTASIA BEVERLEY HILL BROW WIZ: I love how little the pencil is – it’s so precise and easy to draw faux hairs.



I have also used this brand (1000 Hours) for tinting my brows the past 6 years. Depending on the colour of my hair I have switched between dark brown and black. At the moment I have dark brown as I think it suits my complexion the best. It’s pretty simple to use – my only advice is to make sure you apply vaseline or something around your brows as this stuff stains like a proverbial bitch. It takes forever to come off the skin!!


Here are some things I have learned since 2008; the beginning of my bold brow journey.

  1. You need good lighting: We’re our own worst critics when we step in front a mirror. Don’t look into the mirror so closely when you assess your brows. No one is going to be looking that closely, so look at the whole picture and how they frame your face. If you have a few strays – leave them.
  2. Never pluck when you’re in a hurry: This is a recipe for disaster. I used to pluck in a hurry and it resulted in very over plucked brows. You can definitely shave your legs at the sink, but if you’re trying to pluck brows before a date or event, you’re better of with the few stray hairs than half your brow missing!
  3. Leave those damn strays away when you’re growing them out: It took me at least a year to grow out my brows and then another year to get them to the point where I was completely happy with them. The thinner and longer you have plucked them, the longer it will take you to grow them out. You’ll get a stray hair that feels like it’s so far away from the eyebrow, so of course your inclination is to remove it, and then to remove the next stray… That’s where I need you to stop and let them just be.
  4. Further more: You’re the only one who will notice the strays.
  5. Dye ’em & fill ’em: This is a bloody damn godsend if I have ever seen one. It seriously has saved my life while growing them out and now all the time as well; If the brow itself is bolder, you’re not seeing the strays as much.
  6. Brow gels don’t work unless..: Brow growing gel only works on areas that hair has been before. It won’t make random areas on your face grow hair. It also won’t work if the follicle is dead aka if you have been waxing or plucking for years and years.
  7. Keep it classic: It’s fine to try makeup trends and experiment with new products, but brows should be classic – there is NO room for experiment.
  8. Plucking wins: I prefer plucking to waxing – it’s far more precise and I just like the results. Follow your bone structure and keep things in a straight line from there.

Whether you’re fully embracing the bold eyebrows trend or just sticking to your fortnightly eyebrow appointments at the salon, I hope these products and tips helped!


It’s so amazing what 8 years difference can make.


MY GOSH – take a look at those razor sharp brows I was rocking circa 2008.

The first image is me at the beginning of 2008 – my brows were over-plucked and begging for me to step away from my tweezers I stole from my Mum.

The second image is from the either the end of last year or the beginning of this year – my brows hadn’t been plucked or waxed since Nov 2014. I never pluck or wax them now. I just let them be and pluck the odd strays that come up.

Also; there is no judgement here. I have done everything from shave the end of my brows, to over pluck them to over pluck the centre of them.

If you are trying your best to grow them out, persevere, it can happen.

You heard it here first.

Let me know your brow experience and products you love to use. I am always keen to try new ones!


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