My most commonly asked questions on Tumblr and via email are: “How can I get in to shape?”, “What do you do to stay in shape?”, “Do I need to change my eating habits” and “You work out from home, how can I as well?”. So I have dedicated a blog post to helping you achieve great health / health goals and a better understanding on my lifestyle.







Two years ago I shot a campaign for Lorna Jane. The day that I shot Lorna Jane, Lorna was there herself as we were shooting for her first book “Follow My Lead“. I was so excited (read: nervous) to be shooting alongside someone I had read so much about and someone who is such an inspiration to so many people. At the time I was only running once a fortnight so when I sat down and listened to Lorna talk about her fitness regimes and eating plans on our lunch break it was all a little bit foreign to me. She hadn’t eaten pizza in years and she was telling me about how often she trained per week. I found it fascinating that someone who was so busy, someone who had just written a book, someone who ran a company (which was about to launch in to the USA) had time to follow a strict eating plan, live a clean lifestyle and exercise regularly. Meanwhile me, a full-time model at the time probably had takeaway pizza twice the week before and probably “just didn’t have the time to fit that run in”. I thought to myself “what the hell am I doing”.

Hearing other people’s fitness journeys or even just having a wake-up call like I had from Lorna Jane can drastically change the way you think about what you put into your body and how you treat your body. Since moving back to New South Wales last year Jonathan and I have made a conscience effort to eat a balanced diet and train regularly. We don’t have an expensive gym membership, we don’t have an overpriced personal trainer and we don’t spend our entire pay on expensive, on-trend food. What we do do is the following.

We eat a balanced diet – It truly is as simple as that

Yes, it is more about what you eat as opposed to how much exercise you do. Remember “Abs are made in the kitchen”. We eat three meals a day. We always have breakfast and we never snack in between meals. If we do we’ll have fruit or yoghurt, but generally our meals are slow release so we’re never hungry in between. If you follow me on Instagram you will be able to get an insight in to what I eat throughout the day. @substance_blog

Abs are made in the kitchen

For people asking me how they can lose weight, I recommend you do the following: Cut out empty calories. What are empty calories? They’re the sugary soft drinks, the sugary juices, the double chocolate frappachino you just had to have. You don’t realise it but those things are loaded with calories you don’t need, especially if you’re teaming them with an already big lunch.

Also, it comes down to portion size. Most people overeat, so you need to learn portion control. Here is a good site to check out

Working that body of yours out. You need to do it and it is a great stress release!

We aim to train 3-4 times a week. We mix things up all the time. Next up we’re going to buy some boxing gloves and pads, which I am super excited about. This is what we do at the moment.

Cardio – it’s a really important thing

We skip. It’s easier to skip and it burns more calories. What YOU will need is to purchase a rope from K-mart, Big W, Woolies or Rebel Sports – they’re cheap and they work. Oh they goddamn work. First up, get your phone as you will need to time yourself. Skip for 1minute, break for 30 seconds. Keep on going until you reach 17-20minutes. The things with exercise is you’re going to want to stop. Everyone feels that way, and that’s okay. I whinge to Jonathan “I can’t do it anymore”, but he pushes me harder. So grab a buddy who will do that for you.

It’s easier to skip and it burns more calories

Planks and Ab-Wheels

I have explained my ab routine here when I collaborated with Bonds. Open a new tab and check it out.

Kneeling Crunches with Resistance Bands (5 sets of 10 reps)

(See this picture for example):

I use resistance bands regularly as part of my workout. Mine were purchased from eBay. It can be tricky keeping track of dumbbell weights and the various colours of the bands, so keep a journal so you can chart your progress.

It can be tricky keeping track of dumbbell weights and the various colours of the bands, so keep a journal so you can chart your progress.

Setup: Anchor the bands at the top of the door.
Motion: Kneel down facing the door. Hold both handles locked either side of your head and crunch down against the resistance until your elbows tap your knees. Then come right back up in a “we’re not worthy” or praying gesture

Lunges and Squats

I use between 10-20 kilograms when I do lunges and squats. Watch this video to learn to do squats properly and this one for lunges.

One last thing before I go: A common misconception amongst women is “If I run or do weights will I get bulky because I am a girl“. NO. We as women don’t produce enough testosterone to be able to “get bulky” or “big. So don’t even fret, girl, you can safely workout. Phew.

If you have any questions let me know in the comment section and I can help you out individually! Thanks so much for taking an interest in to my lifestyle and fitness.

You can purchase my workout clothes here at Lorna Jane.

Author: Ally Carey

Hi, I am Ally, a writer and creative at Substance. I have worked in the fashion industry for 6+ years as a model and now on Substance. Substance is a lifestyle blog about fashion, beauty, health and self-improvement; hoping to inspire you to live a life filled with Substance. For more: @AllyMayCarey

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  1. Loved this! I’ve been trying to work out more regularly since the beginning of this month and I’m feeling so much better already, so worth it. Curious about those resistance bands, we need to chat! xx

  2. No worries Belen, so glad you loved my post. I will be posting more things along the lines of fitness, so if you have anything you’d like me to cover let me know!XX

  3. Seriously. You rig. Thanks for the kick up the backside. I packed my gym gear yesterday, and then ended up having wine instead ha. Fail. Start again today.
    A x

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